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pipeline texturing terrain in 3ds max


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Hello dear all. this is my 2nd attempt to post it, didn't find my old...

How is contemporary pipeline for doing terrain for render in 3ds max (v-ray)

i have bought a new cool computer and started my project of Tiny Cabin on a lake. I try to use Substance painter and i have faced newbie problems with textel density and so on...

there are so many beautiful Substance Atlases and Biomass Materials!

i have been seen so many tutorials, but they are mostly for UE.

I have a terrain and want to paint road, wich gradually changes to green, add pebbels, leafs.


what i need to do?

-make road in mesh. split into UDMS and paint road and green.

then make a mask material in Substance Designer and making some variations wit Bercon tiles for a terrain (nooooooooo it is hard)

Connect textured Road and terrain with Bercon together in Max.

Hide the seam with Multiscatter/fotrestPack greens and pebbels?


Maby, i need to add some additional program?

Help me please with advise, before i started to do some stupid thinks.


maybe tutorial?


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