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First project, feedback appreciated

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Practice archvis project based on Solares Architecture's Manitoulin Island Off-Grid House (https://www.solares.ca).

I’m happy with parts, not so happy with others, any feedback would be much appreciated. Very interested to hear anything about composition specifically, but any advice at all would be great.

Spotlights by KarelZe on Blend Swap | Sliding Doors by Zorianpl on Blend Swap | Firewood by Danilius on Blend Swap | Magazine by robertrestupambudi on Sketchfab




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Overall these images are great, very in the trendy  Scandinavian style for sure.

Since I live on the west coast of USA, to me they seem too sterile and pale, but that's just my perception.

Regarding composition, The Living room shot,look good. The kitchen though, I would frame it more landscape instead and cropping out the hanging paint. that pain is the only hing with vibrant colors in your shot but it is cropped and not centered or framed correctly so it look weird.  Maybe try one point perspective again or get closer to that beam so the top framing is not inclined, as it is now.  I would increase the contrast a little in both images too.

The exterior IMO it doesn't looks inviting.  I would make the interior warmer and bright, to really contrast  with the foggy exterior. Also since this shot is about the landscaping/location of this project, I would backup the camera more to showcase the environment more, you can show more sky like 2/3 of the image or show more grass. 2/3 also, even if the sky is just fog. That way you make the house fit in to the large environment.

That what comes to my mind. Hopefully some else can come with other ideas.

Good job!

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