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Thread: Strange splotches after rendering

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    Default Strange splotches after rendering

    Hello I am rendering exterior scene, and found these splothes on houses. I am using standard vray physical camera with standard parameters. I tried increasing samples in GI irradiance map and light catch, didn't work. I don't know what to do... I included render pictures and my used settings in attachment.
    Extra notes:
    Lighting system -
    Vray sun,
    Vray sky,
    2 domes: 1 reflections, another diff.
    Attached Images
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    Default Re: Strange splotches after rendering

    Try to render with only IRR Map + BF and LC + BF to see if this i caused by LC or Irr. I think it is IRR, you have set the subdvs and interp samples to high values but you render at -4 -3 resolution. If you are rendering in low resolution then it can be not enough. Try to render with -2, 0 and see if it helps.

    Also it can be caused by models, are they modelled originally in 3ds max or they are imported from Archicad in example?
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