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Found 5 results

  1. Good morning (^v^)/ I would like to try and setup distributed rendering. I have 3DsMax 2012 and VRay Advanced 2.0 Can someone explain to me the difference between VRay RT render server, VRay DR Spawner, Backburner and Net Render? I know Backburner comes standard with 3DsMax for distributed rendering but what's the Net Render tick box for at the bottom of the Common Parameters in the Render Setup? And the Distributed Rendering tick box under the Settings Tab? Why are there so many... I have tried all the above render choices(?) but they all gave me some sort of problem: (1) Backburner, I can render the scene from my intended slave(B) to my main pc(A) but the render process does not use A and B to render. When i render from A, picks up only the A server and uses it. (2) Net Render, I type the IP's of A and B but again it only picks up A. (3) Distributed Rendering, with this option selected in the Settings tab, I type the IP's of A and B but it returns with a warning log saying "Could not connect to host A & B". (4) VRay DR Spawner, it neither starts up when I select it form the start menu (it's not in my Task Bar or under my Tast Manager) nor when I click it in my C-Drive directory. (5) VRay RT render server starts fine but I have to start the vraydummy2012.max from the C-Drive (a tutorial said it should show up). During the render it returns with a warning log saying "Could not connect to host A & B" or "Could not connect to target because target machine actively refused it" All firewalls are set to allow. IP's are auto obtain. I have made a Backburner render on both pc's. I can see and access both pc's from each other over the network. Am I using the wrong renderer? Advice and input all welcome (^ㅂ^)
  2. Hi, does anyone knows about performance drivers issues for our Nividia Quadro? I'm actually working with the nitrous viewport drivers, not so bad, but sometimes i've got some weird problems... I'm a little bit disapointed when i see that a Nvidia GTX 480 is powerfull than my Quadro 4000 with this viewport! Without performance drivers, any interest to work with Quadros... Thanks for your advice. M.
  3. Studio/Institution: DeStefano Partners (closed) Client: NA Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3ds Max and IRAY Website: http://www.joshpabst.com Description: I did the CG on this project in late 2011. I can finally share it, as the office I was working for at the time, DeStefano Partners, is no longer around. So, no, this project will not be moving forward--at least not looking like this. This 111 West Wacker project has a lot of news and hubub circling it, but your guess is as good as mine as to what will be built there in the hopefully near future. Regardless of what the ultimate and final design is, it will be better than the shell of concrete that rests there now. The site has been an eye sore on Chicago's river for nearly four years. Enjoy! Below are some additional renderings for the project.
  4. Studio/Institution: architecturalID Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: 3ds max+ Mental Website: http://architecturalid.rs/ Description: Hi everybody, this is something I did in my own time. Please point out the negative and positive;) sides. Thanks.
  5. Hi! I put together a new Windows 7 Professional x64 (SP1) workstation and I can't get V-ray RT (2.00.02) to work in GPU mode with 3ds Max Design 2012 x64. In CPU mode it works just fine, but when I switch to OpenCL and press the ActiveShade button, activeshade window opens with the message "waiting for image data..." but no image appears. Instead of the common V-Ray command window a message "V-Ray Standalone has stopped working" pops, and I must close the render window. It doesn't crash Max or even the render dialog. The graphics card in the system is a GTX560 2Gb. Currently I have driver 285.62 installed. I also tried installing a few older drivers without any success. I have another workstation with almost the same HW/SW setup, except for the Quadro 600 graphics card with driver 266.35 It doesn't support the GTX560, and the oldest driver I can find/use is 275.33 It seems to me this is a driver issue, so any suggestion will be appreciated!
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