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Found 9 results

  1. Greetings visualisers! I've been making 3d animated plants for almost 10 years now. I have accumulated a huge database of plants and have found that I can't publish them fast enough. So I'd like to get your opinions on what's the most in-demand thing you can't do without. Also, of course, I would like to hear criticism: what to correct, what to improve - from the outside we often see what is not obvious to the author. Now I use Boosty platform for sale (you can buy one by one, you can take a subscription and buy a lot at once with a big discount), and I am developing my own site. https://boosty.to/plantagodelendaest
  2. ARCHITECTURAL ANIMATION Introducing to you an architectural animation made by Dezoor. This is a product of our heart. It is seriously invested in design, visualization, animation, light, sound,... A house in Japan designed by VTN Architects. ------------------- Rendering: Dezoor Visualization Creative Director: Hai Dang Animation: Hai Dang Modeling: Quy Nguyen Editor: LinHo Official ------------------- Project: Japanese House Location: Japan Design: VTN Architects Behance: Behance Video Full Hd : Architectural Animation Video Breakdown: Breakdown Animation
  3. hi, any arch-viz program (off-line) in Canada? I've completed my B.Arch degree with 8 month experience. want to move in Arch Viz. want to learn Architectural modeling, photo realistic rendering still and animation/film, VR(unreal engine). i am ready to learn any program which majorly relate to arch viz even if some topics might not useful for Arch-Viz.
  4. Hi All!! i'm using 3dsmax for rendering photos of houses but never did a movie animation with moving particles and stuff like so=> how can i do this presentation movie? if there's a tutorial available it'll be the best. thanks!
  5. Hi dear Now I'm doing a research about the current situation and future development about the 3d animation. For that, I would like to learn about the details of animation companies in different countries. So I kindly request you people to help me out with the list of companies available in these countries,like singapore, malaysia, US , UK ... mostly in the field of 3d architectural animation Thanks and Regards, roye
  6. These are our recent works and to share with everyone on this platform,Your suggestions are welcome. Any suggestions will be helpful to us, and we will try to improve the work in the future. [ATTACH=CONFIG]46052[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]46054[/ATTACH] Nicole Wang MSN:nicole860826@live.cn Email:nicole.w@ginsuncg.com www.ginsuncg.com
  7. Studio/Institution: GAYARRE infografia Client: Gestion Comun Genre: Other Software: Cinema4D, VrayforC4D, Architrion Website: http://Http://www.gayarre.eu/blog Description: After several weeks of hard work, we show you our last work of architectural visualization. We hope you enjoy it. Any comment could be very interesting. Soon, we´ll talk about some aspects of the process in our blog. This is the Vimeo´s link : Thanks for your time !
  8. Studio/Institution: Frontop Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: 3dmax Website: http://www.frontop.com Description: Share Beijing Wangjing Soho Architectural Rendering made by Frontop. [ATTACH=CONFIG]45123[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]45124[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]45125[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]45126[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]45127[/ATTACH]
  9. What is the process for creating an architectural animation in Maya? I have 5 models of interior scenes that I'd like to animate and put into a demo reel, but am unsure how to do this. All the models are lit with global illumination, and the final rendered stills are composited using a color pass and an ambient occlusion pass in photoshop. Would I have to composite each frame of the animation the same way as the stills; using a color pass and ambient occlusion pass?...then assemble the frames in a different program to create the final animation? What program(s) is the most widely used to create animations/demo reels?
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