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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings CG people! I'm at a point in my personal and professional career where I want to make some software changes but am struggling with the best route. My background is in architecture and I am working toward getting licensed in the near future. However I recently started doing some more serious 3D freelance work and want to continue developing this path. Right now I am proficient in AutoCAD and Sketchup. Per the industry standards in Architecture, learning either Revit or ArchiCAD is best for working in a firm. However, if I were to focus on modeling/rendering, I was looking at switching to Rhino or 3DS. I can work pretty fast and detailed in Sketchup, but have come across a number of recent projects where it just can't handle the detail I put into my models. Bottom line is I'm struggling with what direction to take and where to focus my efforts to learning a new software. Yes, if I want to progress with BIM, I'm looking at Revit or ArchiCAD. But if I want to just work on building detailed architectural models for rendering purposes, does anyone use Rhino? Or is it mostly 3DS or Sketchup? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone The is may be my 2nd post on the forum. I am a 3D visualizer since 5 years now, I have no degree related to design field. The tools I am proficient in are mainly 3ds max and adobe applications. I find myself always deep down the state of confusion what to do more to enhance my career and how to perfectly design it to survive in the future. The main confusion is whether to become 3D generalist or stick to 3D architectural, and to become graphics designer. I started several tools to learn like Zbrush, Sketchup, Illustrator, Indesign, Mudbox and now Revit(BIM). As I read somewhere that Revit(BIM) is only useful for those who are design engineers or have architectural/Civil Eng backgrounds. I just keep on switching tools, learn and leave them. I cant get a time to professional use those tools as I affiliated to the company who only wants me to work on 3Ds max. My question is what tools one should learn to make himself a good package so companies anywhere in the world would consider you as a good applicant. I am a good learner but can not decide a package of tools I should be following/learning. I hope Its not only me who is in this state of mind, sure many artists have already been through the same. Would appreciate the response and advice for everyone. Thank you so much.
  3. In Academia the top position of a professor or a researcher (as I know) is to be Tenure! and the path for this title begins with: 1- Architect - (holds: B.Sc. in architecture) 2- Teaching Assistant - (has: M.Sc. in architecture) 3- Assistant professor - (has: Ph.D. in architecture) 4- Associate professor - (has: Post doc degree (I guess!)) 5- Professor 6- tenure professor (Final stage!) ______ I mentioned the tenure path in the academia as an example of ORGANISED & CLEAR career path as well as skills and experience (AKA degrees) the researcher need in each stage to pass from one to another regardless how hard to reach THE TENURE position. ****but in CG industry, I don't find the career path clear at all and what should I have in each step of my career to get promoted to another??? besides how should I be enthusiastic to work hard and improve myself without knowing the goal of each step?
  4. Hey Everyone, I’m just looking for a little advice before I make a big decision. Basically, I’ve recently finished my architecture degree (part 1) and am struggling to find a job. So after a year of frustrating job searching I’ve decided to do a masters degree in architectural visualisation at Kent University, as I find modelling and rendering in 3Ds max the most enjoyable part of architecture. The problem is, the course is very expensive and I will have to pay up front, so I need to know if this would become a worthwhile venture. I’ve been searching around to see if “Architectural Visualiser” is a legitimate and rewarding job, and this website seems like the best place to ask this. I would gladly pay the expensive course fees, just as long as I can be sure that the industry for this is prosperous and I would be in demand. I really want a stable job at the end of this.... is architectural visualisation going to provide the goods, and be worth the costs? I should stress I already know somewhat about Rendering/ modelling with VRay, using HDRI’s and materials etc, with a year’s guidance, I think I could be very good at this. But is it going to lead to an uphill struggle? Is it a freelance only gig, or are there stable office type jobs for this? THX a lot, a speedy response would be appreciated as I have to start the course soon lol
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