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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Guys, Introducing I am Andy Prasetyo from Indonesia, I work as Freelance 3D Visualizer in my own studio. I really like Architectural Visualization which is this is my passion and my dream job. I'm coming to this forum, I need some advice and critics of my works later. And I also want to contribute into this forum with my knowledge i had. Cheers. You can check my portofolio here https://www.behance.net/symmetry3d Also my website symmetry3d.com. Thanks,
  2. Hello to all dear members of CG architect My name is Erfan Azarin my job is to help people by 3d visualizing a better view of their design and lives. And I'm happy that we can create the ideas through software to make the world a better place. I'm so happy that I can see your great work, and we are together to grow up. Sincerely yours Erfan Azarin
  3. Hi all; my name is Iwan, been a while in archviz industry as freelancer and start building DNV Studio since 2014. We're small company located in Bandung, west Java. While doing archviz routine, occasionally we do fun project such as filming and droning to keep us sane, as sitting in front of PC 8-12 hours a day is not that much pleasure ? As we all experience, the pandemic really change our life; either daily life or working habbit. But there's always silver lining on every storm, we're taking course from 2G Studio and learn much in this 6 months. So much to learn , still many things to improve, but lets take 1 step each time, as my mentor Reinaldo says; "In order to survive, we have to do something" In this circumstances, archviz industry, like other industry , beaten by this pandemic. But lets make lemonade from lemon :)) Kudos to Jeff Mottle for building this community,as i heard many story of how CG Architect changes life of many 3D artist. Hopefully the magic still happen and we'll heard many other life changing stories. Cheers folks! Let me know if any of you come visit Bandung, will be my pleasure to show you around and taste few of best food around this lovely town Best regards; Iwan
  4. Hi, my name is Max. I'm an architecture student currently studying at the University of Waterloo. My interest in archviz has increased exponentially over the past year, and despite browsing CGArchitect for tech support questions in the past I only just now realized what a great resource and community it is so here I am! I do a lot of graphic design and rendered animations/stills for various people in the electronic music industry, you can see some of my most recent work on my sites: - Personal - Parent Company (Design Firm) I'm excited to be a part of CGArchitect now!
  5. Hi all! I'm Dmitrii restorer with more than twenty years of experience, designer and co-founder of the Decoright.biz Decoright is an online platform for designers and builders of the Architectural Classical Decoration for luxury homes. It connects local Artisans and Interior Designers and simplifies the process of implementing Classical Decorations through the developing pre-crafted parametric designs and without building decorations itself. The key feature of the Decoright is that we serve to your project not only sophisticated and historically accurate 3d models but the feasible CAD drawings as well. We are at the very start now, you could check some of the ceilings of mine in 3D here https://sketchfab.com/decoright/models You could share the collection of ceilings with your client or collegue without registration right from the site, just collect likes and press the share button. The link will look like this - https://decoright.biz/collections/qudKO64ArL9HrO0rLyVng If you have any question regarding the classical fibrous plaster design, real or 3d your are welcome
  6. Hello, everybody. I'm an architecture student from Chihuahua City, Mexico. I'm currently running a one-man-company in the business of architectural visualization. I'm kind of an intermediate 3D Artist looking for interactive input in my learning process, also looking to helping others and sharing my work with the community. I hope to bring something useful to all of you guys and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you!
  7. Hello cgarchitect Community! My name is Anthony. I am A up and coming Trance DJ also music production! I am working on artwork for my site and decided that CG Art was the way for me! Now as come to the point where i am asking for advice, and since this site has already helped me with forum posts, think it a good place to start! Little bit about me! Cheers for having me aboard! I am sure i will enjoy my stay! Cheers! Anthony!
  8. Hello! My name is Victor, and I am a teenager from Romania. I am only 15 years old and one of my hobbies is 3D graphics. I like to learn any kind of new things about 3D Studios Max, since I've got the students license. I hope I will be a good influence for other new members on this forum.
  9. Hello everyone! My name is Alan Moreira. I am student from Brasil - of Architecture and Urbanism at PUC-GO. I decide to be an active member to learn, study, practice, make some friends and discuss about the programs i love, they are: AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, 3Ds Max, vRay and Photoshop! I will put some tags below that can help to describe my interests: Matte Paint, Level Design, Car Design, Object Design, Residential/Comercial Projects, Contests, Nature, Draw, Sketch, Watercolor and Games I hope "add points" to the forum!
  10. Hi, I am new to the forum and somewhat new to the 3ds max rendering scene. I look foward to reading everyones posts and checking out thier images. I am currently looking to build a new system specifically for modeling and rendering and am seeking expert advice on specs that i shouldl try to achieve on Computer parts. So... Let me know what specs make the most differece in rendering. Thanks! Kelly!
  11. Hello every one , I am an architect, having a little knowledge of Auto CAD am exploring 3ds Max, as of now am starting with 3ds Max 2008 and Vray and would also want to explore more Thanks
  12. Hi Guys, I thought I would take up the invite to introduce myself for the first time. I am pretty new to the world of Architectural Visualisation but have a pretty solid background in 2D CAD work. I am currently using Sketchup 7 Pro & Abvent Artlantis Studio 2. I'm really looking forward to seeing all your contributions and hopefully learn a lot from listening to the experts. Cheers Riding Monkey
  13. Hey, my name is Charles. I am a graduate Architectural Designer mid 90's and reside/work near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My career tragectory brought me into the world of integrating immersive VR and 3D simulators (Power Walls, CAVE's etc...), and have worked with very high profile customers. My goal in being here in this community, is to learn about the business process of 3D AE production (part of the creative and marketing process), and to see how this can be applied and communicated in other technologies. - As an Architect my interest is integrating technology into the built form, meaningfully. - As a 3D/VR person, my interest is integrating AE practice and process to that of stereoscopic design tools. - As a Business person I believe in the value of "non-siloed" integrated and collaborative approaches to business development. As a private person I prefer to play outdoors, and am also into Biomass fuels and sustainable carbon neutrality and unconventional spirituality. Cheers, Charles.
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