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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, I've been using 3ds max and vray for a while now and my renders are okay, but it's time to take things to the next level. I want to get that photorealistic look. The thing is, my renders seem to have dark spots on several surfaces (on the white and gray walsl) and I can't seem to get why. How can I make them disappear? Also if you have any suggestions on how to make it appear more realistic I'd appreciate it!
  2. Hi there, I'm new to the forums and haven't been working with Vray for long, so excuse me if I am not so knowledgeable. I am trying to set up my scene for rendering with a few Render Elements, nothing too complicated. The scene is an interior illuminated with a Dome light, a VRay rectangle light and two stained glass windows that have a VRay Light Material applied to them. So, the elements that I am using (well, the ones relevant to the lighting of the scene) are GI, a Light Select for the dome light, another Light Select for the Rectangle Light, and Self Illumination for the stained glass windows. Everything seems correct to this point. The thing is, both stained glass windows have the Direct Illumination checker (under the Direct Illumination tab on the attributes of the Light Material) set as active, so the material emits light. And I don't know how to extract that light contribution to a separate render pass... The composite of my render passes doesn't look like the RGB pass, it's missing just that bit. Could anyone give me some hints on how to do it or point me to any tutorial? I have been looking for a while with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone, I am quite new to 3ds Max and I am having a problem with my render setup. For some reason there are this weird lightspots appearing on my materials and I have searched and searched for solutions, and maybe I am just not understanding the solutions. but if anyone could help me i would be thankfull. I tried to apply a new material, like a standart arch&design with no alteration, turning off the lights, changing the type of exposure, hiding some of the objects in the scene to see if it was some bad mesh that was causing a wrong diffusion of light. nothing seems to work. This is a screenshot of my work
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