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Found 2 results

  1. Perhaps this would be useful. There was a site, that some of you may have found already: http://www.cgstepinside.com - however, it appears to be defunct. It provided a worldwide map of CG Studios, CG Schools, and individually submitted CG Profiles. I think it's a pretty cool idea to have a geographic overview of the industry. Here on CGarchitect, we can create a list of the Arch-Viz studios! I figure it would be most useful to go by Country and City. I'll start by listing a few here. PLEASE ADD YOUR STUDIOS by reply, and I will update this list ps: feel free to write a description of the studio in your post too, if you wish. ARGENTINA Buenos Aires: http://www.jaddel.com AUSTRALIA Adelaide: http://www.keirro.com Brisbane: http://www.justinhuntvisualization.blogspot.com.au http://www.scharp.com.au http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com Melbourne: http://www.eaglevision.com.au http://www.floodslicer.com.au http://www.lucernal.com http://www.scharp.com.au http://www.squintopera.com http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com Perth: http://www.abtdesigns.com.au http://www.lastpixel.com.au Sydney: http://www.floodslicer.com.au http://www.scharp.com.au http://www.studio5253.com.au AUSTRIA Vienna: http://www.cy-architecture.com http://www.tangram3ds.com http://www.tangram3ds.at BELGIUM Brussels: http://www.indaboxstudio.com http://www.zooo.be BRAZIL Brasília: http://www.lumostudio.com.br Rio de Janeiro: Sao Paulo: http://www.Squintopera.com BULGARIA Sofia: http://www.rubikandsun.com CANADA Markham: http://www.dhrendering.com Vancouver: Toronto: CHINA Beijing: http://www.splendid4d.com Chengdu: http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com Hong Kong: Shanghai: http://www.studio216.com http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com COLOMBIA Bogota: http://www.sona3d.com CZECH REPUBLIC Prague: http://www.visualarch.eu EGYPT http://www.mazensamir.com ESTONIA http://www.saarnakvisuals.com FRANCE Lille: http://www.infograph.org Paris: http://www.luxigon.fr Strasbourg: http://www.ka-ra.fr GERMANY Berlin: http://www.colormass.com http://www.infinity-vision.de Munich: Stuttgart: http://www.moel-archvis.eu HUNGARY Budapest: http://www.colormass.com INDIA Ahmedabad: http://www.hitechcaddservices.com http://www.truecadd.com Bangalore: http://www.mayabious.com Bangladesh: http://www.getrendering.com Chennai: http://www.3darchprevision.com Delhi: http://www.mayabious.com http://www.universalcg.hk/2015b Kolkata: http://www.mayabious.com Mumbai: http://www.mayabious.com IRELAND Cork: http://www.cmgdesigns.ie http://www.pedersenfocus.ie Dublin: http://www.inviz.ie http://www.sketchrender.com ISRAEL Haifa: http://www.crgr.co.il Tel Aviv: http://www.studio-aiko.com ITALY Bergamo: http://www.francescolegrenzi.com Faenza: http://www.engram.it Genova: http://www.stack-studios.com Milano: http://www.deltatracing.com Porto San Giorgio: http://www.u6studio.com Roma: http://www.liraatvisuals.com Venezia: http://www.stateofartstudio.com JAPAN Tokyo: KAZAKHSTAN Almaty: http://www.blackdroplets.com KENYA Nairobi: http://www.arqisolutions.co.ke KUWAIT http://www.mazensamir.com LITHUANIA Vilnius: http://www.3darchitect.lt http://www.ar3dviz.net NETHERLANDS Amsterdam: http://www.pixelflakes.com Maastrict: http://www.multivision3d.nl ROMANIA Iași: http://www.gretarh.com http://www.pickant.ro (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pickant-Studio-Architectural-Visualisation/147212481990811?ref=hl) RUSSIA Moscow: http://www.photoreal3d.ru SINGAPORE Singapore City: http://www.audax.com.sg http://www.dreamunitpictures.com http://www.lns.com.sg (Light & Shadows) http://www.vmw.com.sg (Visual Media Works) SLOVAKIA City unknown: http://www.flyingarchitecture.com SOUTH AFRICA Cape Town: http://www.constructmedia.co.uk Johannesburg: http://www.asylumstudio.co.za Randburg: http://www.marius-erasmus.co.za Western Cape: http://www.mornestudio.com SOUTH KOREA Seoul: SPAIN Barcelona: http://www.felsvfx.com Madrid: http://www.jfs-ia.com http://www.lemonsbucket.com SWEDEN Stockholm: http://www.walktheroom.com Gothenburg: http://www.industriromantik.se http://www.tmrw.se TAIWAN Taipei: TURKEY Istanbul: UAE Dubai: UK Birmingham: http://www.franklingruppe.com Bournemouth: http://www.agencykilo.com http://www.d-zinelounge.com Brighton: http://www.F10studios.co.uk http://www.Harriskalinka.com http://www.ViStudio.co.uk Bristol: http://www.Architectureinmotion.com http://www.jd3d.co.uk http://www.ocula.co.uk http://www.Preconstruct.com http://www.troopershill.co.uk/ Cranbrook: http://www.polygoncgi.com Exeter: http://www.Montageuk.com Haywards Heath: http://www.th-visuals.com Leeds: http://www.3DVisualisationltd.co.uk Leamington Spa: http://www.atriumvisuals.com Liverpool: http://www.johnsonjames.co.uk http://www.render-studios.com London: http://www.Atelieryork.co.uk http://www.Cityscapedigital.co.uk http://www.djscgi.com (Dowling Jones & Stone) http://www.Forbesmassie.com http://www.foundationcgi.com http://www.Glowfrogviz.com http://www.inviz.co.uk http://www.mgdesignuk.com http://www.pixelflakes.com http://www.Preconstruct.com http://www.Squintopera.com http://www.Thevisualiser.com http://www.Vyonyx.com Manchester: http://www.the-neighbourhood.com http://www.virtual-planit.com http://www.wearemi.com Oxford: http://www.blinkimage.com UKRAINE Dnipropetrovsk: http://www.freedesstudio.wix.com URUGUAY Montevideo: http://www.kuanstudio.com USA Boston: http://www.neoscape.com Chicago: http://www.arccentric.com http://www.infxstudio.com http://www.studiorendering.com Chino: http://www.playcgi.net Houston: http://www.tiltpixel.com Kansas City: http://www.ZooBoing3D.com Kittery: http://www.tangram3ds.com http://www.tangram3ds.at Los Angeles: http://www.kilograph.net http://www.luxigon.com http://www.shimahara.net http://www.splendid4d.com http://www.transparenthouse.com http://www.visualhouse.co Naples: http://www.3das.com Newport Beach: http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com New York: http://www.cromo3d.com http://www.digitallogicvfx.com http://www.myndworkshop.com http://www.neoscape.com http://www.render-experts.com Portland, OR.: http://www.h3dviz.com San Francisco: http://www.3dfov.com http://www.steelbluellc.com http://www.studio216.com http://www.transparenthouse.com http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com Seattle: http://www.studio216.com VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City: http://www.rainstormfilm.com
  2. hey all. really hoping some maxscript genius can solve this problem for me... i am trying to rehash a bit of code from the Blurscript 'bsrun.ms', which essentially pulls in a list of available maxscripts from a specific directory and displays them in a dropdown allowing quick access. currently part of the scripts reads as fn bsrun_update = ( script_names = #() script_files = get_all_files_in_dir ((getdir #scripts) + "\\BlurScripts\\") false "ms" if script_files.count != 0 then ( for i = 1 to script_files.count do ( the_name = (filenameFromPath script_files[i]) append script_names (strip_file_extension the_name) ) ) ) fn bsr_io = ( bsr_ini_name = ((getdir #scripts) + "\\BlurScripts\\" + "BSRun.ini") if openFile bsr_ini_name != undefined then ( bsr_ini = openFile bsr_ini_name inputdata = readLine bsr_ini my_index = findItem script_names inputdata if my_index == 0 then my_index = 1 last_script_index = my_index close bsr_ini ) else ( bsr_ini = createFile bsr_ini_name format (strip_file_extension (filenameFromPath (script_files[the_script] as string))) to:bsr_ini close bsr_ini ) ) now if i wanted to point it to an existing mapped network location for my scripts, i would have thought i simply needs to change the lines that include... ((getdir #scripts) + "\\BlurScripts\\") to something more like.. ("z:\scripts\\") but its doesn't like it. i know that the "getdir" element allows you quickly to point to a directory within the root max folder, so i assume i don't include it. i've also tried it with UNC paths and no joy either.. appreciate any help. ta. M
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