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Found 3 results

  1. I am new to this forum but not to vray or 3dsmax. At the moment i'm diving in to faking gi. On my last project I had to render an animation of 2000 frames with GI and render it on an online render farm. The render costs were $1200,- it needed to be rendered in 2 days. Me and the client werent happy about that. Tried some fake GI on an interior project. This was my result. Quite happy about it. screenshot program I want to have precise control over the render and get as close to the GI render as possible. I've done a test with a simple red sphere and a grey floor. This is the result. how do you print screen The problem I can't seem to fix yet is how to create color bleed in a shadow with an omni diffuse without making the shadow brighter. So I only want to give the shadow a red tint. I can't change the shadow color since that would change all the shadow colors. It's quite a challenge to get it right. I've attached my scene with the sphere for you if you would like to give it a try and come with a better result. ps: I've searched this forum and picked up great tips for fake gi. FakeGIsimpleScene.zip
  2. Hello Everyone! I am trying to batch render stills for an animation, and have a color and ambient occlusion pass. When I batch rendered other projects, the color and occlusion passes would both be in my images folder. For some reason, the color pass batch rendered but not the occlusion pass on my last project. Is there a way to batch render just the occlusion pass without redoing the color pass? I'm using Maya. Thanks!
  3. Hi, Is there a way to override globally in Vray settng all materials with another (VrayDirt) to create semi ambient occlusion pass ... ( sure can do) BUT ... keep all the mtrl displacement maps so Dirt would be calculated in those fine, narrow, complex forms? Thank You.
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