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Found 6 results

  1. I have managed to make this folding armature in grasshopper ( the setup is definitely not clean, but it gets the job done). Now what I wanna do is rig my rhino geometry onto the armature I’ve made and so that the whole geometry folds as the armature. the folding structure has very fixed dimensions and alignments so that it has to be modeled in rhino first. how do I go about it. Folding 2.gh Mashrabia 1 (1).3dm
  2. I have a daz studio skeleton linked with a CAT rig. I made it manually, but I want a simple script that create the orientation and position constraints with the CAT bones for other characters. Can someone help me please? Let me know, to send you the example file.
  3. My rig has 2 problems: 1- The IK is working in wrong direction (knee) 2- The left forearm (twist) broke the mesh in one direction It's not so easy to explain. Please watch this very short video showing the problem https://youtu.be/cgX1M36ox0E
  4. Hi Everyone I have a crane I'm trying to rig that I need some help with. I need to rig the crane so that as I lower the hook of the crane the wires attached to the hook extend. I tried doing it with a LinkedXform but although I got the wires to extend as I lower the hook, ass soon as I rotated the boom of the crane the wires went off in a strange direction. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I’ve got this Diver character which it has been CAT rigged. Every time I merge him into another scene the whole model messes up. I've tried grouping everything and still it goes all funny. I’ve tried to put everything (Model, Bones, Controls) all on the same layer to see if that makes a difference, but it still messes up. Has anyone ever come across this before? Any ideas, suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated! Thanks (p.s i'm using 3ds Max 2011) I've attached screenshots or before and after
  6. checko

    Crane Rigging

    Does anyone know of a tutorial for rigging a crane? To be specific I've encounter a few problems: 1. When I rotate the crane arm I want the hook at the end of the crane to stay vertical and perpendicular to the ground. 2. The arm of the crane also extend - it becomes longer, can I somehow set the maximum extension length. So it extend to a certain length and stop. Any help would be great. Thanks
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