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Mighty Tiles Vs. Walls & Tiles?


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I was chosing between those two a month ago (eventually did it manually anyway), but the MightTiles price scheme is just disaster imho. It's a tiles plugin lol, I will use it 3 times a year, and I have to buy a licence for each node for 240 euros each for year ?!


Another funny thing is "per month" scheme, but buyable only for full year in advance. So even though I will get to use it 3 times year, I am still paying for full year, so why is even labeled as "per month" ?


Basically it just pissed me off so quickly I went to buy Walls&Tiles for 1/10 of the price and zero hassle. It can be as powerful as whatever it's just damn tiles plugin in the end anyway. And what is that, it's like third reboot of the same product ? It's suddenly a "start-up" company with scientists behind ? Making tiles ?

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Ha ha, Yeah I know where your coming from, Juraj :) Walls and Tiles does look simpler, so I guess next time I have a bizarre urge to splurge, I'll plump for that one. Thanks for the feedback.


Incidentally, I just spent ages farting around with sIBL (which was cool) but I ended up thinking "this is a really complicated way of doing something simple!"...but at least it's free!

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I use bought Walls&Tiles a long while ago (since v1.0) and I use it a lot.

The compatibility issues between versions always was a problem.

For example projects you create in 1.1 not always will open in 1.3, so you are forced to remember what version it was, install it, open the scene and delete the W&T material, and only then upgrade back to 1.3.

A lot of work.


Overall the are a lot of bugs and the thing the frustrates me the most is you can't combine W&T with RichDirt. When you do so W&T is corrupted.

If you do it via BlendMtl, W&T is not able to generate displacement.


On the other hand, W&T looks amazing and that good I almost forgive VizPark for all the bugs.


Never tried MightyTiles, but the price scheme is what blocks me.

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