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Wiggle after rendering with Vray/3Ds Max...?!?!


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Hey there, :)

I have a question: I recently rendered a sequence in .exr format. (vid01 - Sry for the quality) When I opened it in After Effect it had a weird wiggle effects every 2nd/3rd/4th frame! I tried rendering it in different image formats (.png / .tif) and also opening it in photoshop... But no change! This really pisses (sorry) me of because i have a deadline until friday! :(


Can somebody help me please?

Thx, Jason!


PS.: I only rendered about 55 frames, just for demonstration purposes. Also, I rendered the ground Shadows and the Geometry Animation seperatly... that's why it not synchnonised. But the problem appears in both...! :(


vid01.: http://www.mediafire.com/watch/k560az8qsf6ioc3/car_i_wall.avi

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