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Found 5 results

  1. Can someone help me to downsave a file from 2014 to 2010? Please and Thank you!
  2. I know it is "normal", but lately it crashes almost every day (well, usually every day). It is getting frustrating. Sometimes it is random, sometimes after I save or open max, in the upper left corner the redo/undo/save/etc buttons disappear (just the Max logo stays there) and then if I try to save again or open a file it crashes, and the worst part is that I dont notice that every time so if I work 10-20 minutes without saving, and notice that those buttons disappeared, I know I'll have to redo everything again. I dont really rely on autosave, sometimes it doesn't save for half an hour even if it's set to save every 5 or 10 minutes. Do you know what could cause this, or is this just as random as the crashes? I've been using the software (Max 2014) for more than a year now and it started happening in the past few weeks (until now it crashed as many times as it is "supposed to", but not this often). Thank you!
  3. UPDATE: Nevermind, issue solved. Sorry! I'm trying 2014 for the first time since getting it last night and no preferences were changed. Whenever I enter isolation mode (Alt+Q), I cant exit using the same command like in older versions. Is this a known issue? To get around it, I have to unhide which is very annoying in large scenes w/ many layers. Please help. Thanks.
  4. http://3dslondon.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/vyonyx-cityscape-digital-and-maxwell.html Hi people I'm planning on going to this, it'll be the first 3ds Max user group meeting I've been too. I was wondering if anyone on CGarchitect would be there too? ' Hope so The more the merrier!
  5. Studio/Institution: rangEmotions Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: 3ds Max Website: http://www.rangemotions.com/ Description: Hello guys. We finished animation promo reel "Gorky-city" is about Sochi’s olympic objects - Winter Olympic games host city -2014. Find time to look through & to comment reel Sochi 2014 http://vimeo.com/13357346
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