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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there I'm currently working on a scene which is a walk through animation. The scene is quite large and the times it's taking to render each frame on one computer was taking to long. The scene also has forest objects in it So I've set up distributed rendering but am having a few issues. I believe its due to Ram issues. My master computer has 32gb of Ram My slave computer has 16gb of Ram The problem is the slave doesn't kick into help with rendering until the master computer is 3/4 of the way through rendering the frame or the slave computer just crashes. Does anyone know how i can get around this? I have read somewhere that the slave should be the one with more RAM but not sure how true this is? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Guys, could anybody tell me why is it that when i switch the Default Geometry to Dynamic it doesen´t use all the available RAM? I´m runing it on a machine equipped with 18 GB of RAM, i´ve set a value of 16400 on the Dyn mem limit. When i swich it to static i uses all of my 18 GB but on Dynamic it only uses about 9 GB and i´m giving it the 16400 value. Hope somebody has the solution, thanks!!! PD: Sorry about my English
  3. Hi every one! I'm working with a scene with 480,000 polygons and 3ds max is using a lot of RAM, 8 Gb, and makes crash during work. The 3ds max file is 45 mb. 3d was done with Rhino and i used Floor Generator and Multitexture in max. Has anyone encountered the same problem? How can I do because it is very difficult to work in this situation. I worked with the biggest scene, up to 20 million polygons and I had not this kind of problem. I have a PC with Core i7 960, 12GB Ram, ATI Radeon 5970.
  4. Hi guys. I bought a monster pc. Specs: Intel i7 x990 6-core 3.47ghz(3.76 overcloacked) Nvidia quadro 6000 ssd HD 24gb of ram 1600hz. Software I'm using- 3ds max 2011 64-bit Windows 7 pro 64-bit V-ray 1.5 sp5 64-bit I'm very exited about the new pc. when I started rendering a scene In v-ray ,I opened the task manager to check the CPU and ram memory usage I saw that all 6 cores were maxes at 100%, BUT v-ray was using only 3.9 gb of ram. Now I know that vray and 3ds max use as much memory as they need. And I know that in scenes with lots of trees and proxies and displacement I would get a higher usage of ram memory. BUT- The question is : in scenes with little to no proxies and displacement, can I use my extra ram memory ( I have a LOT extra ram going to waste) to speed up rendering. And if yes how?
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