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Found 9 results

  1. Hey! I am selling a Boxx RenderPro 2 I purchased a year ago from Boxx Technologies. It is in brand new condition and has been used 20-30 times. I am selling for $3,500.00 plus shipping. The original sale price was $4170.00. I am only shipping to the United States (From Birmingham, AL). Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Les Configuration DUAL XEON E5-2630v3 2.4GHz, 20MB cache, 8.00 QPI (Eight-Core) 32GB DDR4-2133 REG ECC (8 - 4GB DIMMS) 240GB SSD SATA 6Gb/s Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition 64-Bit (Not sure if I can sale? BOXX Premium Support 1 Year (Years 2 and 3 Standard) - US and Canada Only BOXX 3 Year Limited Warranty Model Specifications Dual Intel Xeon E5-2600v3 Processor Intel C612 Chipset with QPI up to 9.60GT/S Up to 256GB DDR4 2133Mhz DIMM REG ECC 1 x Intel i350 Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet Controller 2 x SATA 6Gbps Ports 3 x USB 2.0 1 x PCIE x 16 Low Profile Slot 1 x ASPEED AST2400 BMC 1 x IPMI 2.0 (Intelligent Platform Management Interface v.2.0) 1 x 350 Watt Power Supply
  2. Hi I'm going to build a PC and my main purpose is rendering with V-ray (which is a CPU-Based rendering engine). I also use 3dMax, Autocad, Lumion, Sketchup, Photoshop. I don't have any animation rendering. Now I'm confused between these 2 CPUs. A single 2650-V3 has about the same price of a "5960X" but it has 2 more cores. I can buy 2650-v3 in a dual socket motherboard because I think it's more future proof and maybe one or 2 years later I would be able to add another "2650". Furthermore, it seems that 2650 with it's 10 cores would be a better choice for rendering than a 8-core 5960x for now. even when it is single in a dual socket motherboard. what's your idea ? is it worth to buy a Xeon PC ? is it future proof ? is it really faster than 5960x for rendering ? thanks.
  3. Typically the best value is found somewhere in the middle ground, but where exactly?; Which items are worth buying in bulk when starting to build a bang-for-buck home built renderfarm from scratch, with economical future expansion being a key consideration? Its far easier to compare apples with apples, but we have to look at the sum of the parts here. Starting from scratch, would you build many or few machines, and with what type/quality of components? If we put our heads together, we could probably save many people in this arch-viz community from investing in hardware set-ups that don't expand well or represent good value. A concept for a scale-able farm isn't always straightforward, for example, we can ask ourselves: (assuming that space and aesthetics are not a concern, but that good value raw render power is paramount) CPUs Considering the context of the overall hardware configuration: What presents better value computing capability, e.g. lots of i7s, multiple pairs of Xeons?; Bottom of the range, Middle, or Top? GPUs Considering the context of the overall hardware configuration: Discreet graphics are probably good enough - right? Probably depends on the motherboard? PSUs Considering the context of the overall hardware configuration: Lots of cheap ones, or one really powerful PSU?; Which makes more economic sense? MOTHERBOARDs Considering the context of the overall hardware configuration: Are two single Motherboards ultimately better value than one dual CPU board? SSDs Considering the context of the overall hardware configuration: One OS for every CPU/or two, does not seem very practical. CASEs Considering the context of the overall hardware configuration: One huge/or custom case or lots of separate boxes? AND... then there is COOLING as well! Finally, what is the best value private render farm solution you've seen? and/or propose? (The concept is key. The exact specs are secondary).
  4. Hi everyone, Just got this new machine. Looking for nice people to work with.
  5. Hello, I am creating a Workstation for a small architectural office. We have a workstation based on i7, which is enough to work on, but renderings and previewing both take long and waste our grapic working hours. I build some specs and are looking for some opinions form people who have more experience then me in such topic. We have formed such builds: 2x Intel Xeon8C, E5-2620V3, 2.4Ghz, 15MCache, 8.00 GT/sec 6 Core OR Xeon 6C 2x Coller Master HYPER 212 SE ASUS Serwer Z10P LGA 2011-3 Kingston 4x8GB 2133MHz DDR4 CL15 DIMM SR Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB SATA III FRACTAL DESIGN / Corsair Chieftec A80 550W 80+ Gold +Win8PRO OR 1x Intel Core i7 Extreme 8 Core 1x Coller Master HYPER 212 SE ASUS X99 LGA 2011-3 and everything else the same. What're ya thinking?
  6. Hi CG Experts, we are in process of purchasing a rendering system for 3dsmax, vray, maya, mentalray we have 2 choices first is a Dell M1000e blade enclosure with 16 X m610 blades each blade has 2 X Xeon x5690 and 96 GB RAM all for $35K (used system) the second choice is Supermicro high density enclosure with 8 X servers each server has 2 X Xeon E5 2670 v3 and 96 GB RAM all for $46K (new system) is the Xeon E5 system will give more performance worth the extra cost or both systems will give the same performance as we comparing 32 x processors to just 16 E5 processors. Thank you for advice in advance.
  7. Hi Guys, Currently I'm cornered with my Current PC, I m going to threw that and going to build one, The Perfect & Kick-Ass Workstation, Yeah.... That what I really Need... Actually I m getting Angrier & angrier with my this PC.... So, I wanna know that what kind of Parts do I use? Budget : 10000+ $ (Note: Please dont give me any suggestions about buying AMD, They Sucks at my point of view ) Main Uses: 3Dsmax + VRay 90% Graphics Design 5% Gaming 5% Aim: Fastest Rendering with Vray in 3dsmax I got NO IDEA... i7 or Xeon? GTX ot Quadro? SUGGEST ME Pls Help Its Urgent!! Thanks In ADV
  8. Guys, I posted twice before and I got trouble on some Bank Loan Issue So haven't brought anything yet. I am really struggling for Better Performance on My Viewport and Render too. Finally I got cash , & Budget is : 10,000 $ Requirement 1 : Fastest Render Possible on this Budget Requirement 2 : Superior Viewport Performance Possibilities 1 : Anything will be Accepted i7, Xeon, Or Renderfarm (Got No Idea About Render Farm) - If i7 Then It will give me Great Render Performance then Xeon? - If Xeon Then It will give me Viewport Performance Better than i7 ? May be Depends On GPU (Only) - If Renderfarm Got No Idea At All, Give me some Idea ,Pros and Cons Please Every suggestions are welcomed, like Create 2 systems 1 for work and 1 for Render node Anything like That GPU: I am intrested in GTX980 but GTX980 8GB Is releasing soon. Thanx In Advance may god gives you wings.,,,
  9. Hello, I am building/upgrading from my 5yr old Xeon machine. (For Max, Vray, PS, AE) I am stuck as to which way to go, even after reading dozens of pages of discussion on the web. I was initially looking at: Mobo- Tyan S7025 CPU- 2x Intel Xeon E5649 / 2.53 GHz processors Mem- 24GB of triple channel DDR3 RAM " 1333 GPU- AMD ATI FirPro V8800 (for Vray RT and maybe creating the odd 3D content). The rest will be my existing SSD, case etc.. Budget was around £2800 But will a single Core i7-980x system be better? I'm a bit stuck, could someone offer some advice please? Or even give a tally as to which is most popular with everyone? Thanks Ad
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