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Hi everybody!


This is a bit complicated. So I want to study in Budapest, Hungary but now I live abroad. This is my dream, to study architecture, interior design and visualization there (i will study all 3 things). The problem is I have to pay for it, the goverment decided that they wont help student so we have to pay for it. It costs around $3000 per year. (it's very much money in my area).

Do you think I can find sponsors, or would you help me in any way so I can study there?

I sent emails to some companies but havent got any answers yet.

I would work there so I can pay for it but for the first year i really need help.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you looked into scholarships? What about student loans from a private source or from the school itself? What about a work study program at the University? Some Universities have a sort of a fellowship program where you help a professor in their research and in turn you get your tuition covered and a small monthly stipend. Though most of those fellowship programs are generally available to graduate and doctoral students, however there are a few that are also open to undergrads as well.


I can only really speak to how students pay for school here in the US, so some of these may not be available.

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Thank you Scott for replying.


I dont really understand what scholarship is, sorry.

The students have the opportunity to work there, but just after studying at least half a year.

The school is not state-sponsored and the school won't give any loan.

The only option is - loan from a private sponsor.

Do you know any international companies that give loans for students? (Maybe you heard about one or two)

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