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Found 13 results

  1. I have an idea that may have been done already but I cant find it anywhere. Can you set up a render farm on a VPN tunnel? Say, have a computer here, there, across town, around the corner...alll of them be connected to a VPN tunnel and have certain nodes be used for rendering and others for production?
  2. Help Please! I have struggled with this render for a little while, not sure why it is pixelated, I am using 3ds max 2010 with the Vray adv 2.00.02 plugging. the textures I have used are vray, dirtmaps with subdivs of 128. I am using Reinhard colour mapping, the image sampler is adaptive DMC with "catmull-Rom" antialising filter. the adaptive DMC image sampler is set to 1/256 subdivs, clr thresh:0.001. in the settings menu adaptive amount:0.85 noise threshold is 0.001 min samples are set to 64. global subdivs multiplier is 20.0. thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I'm using 3ds max design 2010 and I've encountered this problem recently. Sometimes when I try to magnify my material slots, the "magnify" option is disabled. I had to drag/copy the material slot to another empty slot, only then I could magnify. (attached images) Has anyone encountered and solved this problem before?
  4. so i made this simple box with round edges , applied unwrap modifier and from the mapping section i choose unfold and here's what i got, a total mess! how do i fix this ?
  5. I've attached the file here. Seems like i don't know how to make water fountain visualization. Attached an example to make you understand what I was supposed to produce here. Could anybody please help me with this? 1.zip
  6. I have some *.max files ready to be rendered. I need something for win7 x64 that can open the files automatically and just start the render process; only one camera per file. Could anybody please suggest me something?
  7. Hello all. I'm rendering this 4800x1800 image. All the v-ray settings screenshots and the scene I'm rendering is given here for your kind help. It's almost 16 hours and still the light cache building is not complete. Time frame is killing me. I'm asking for help here. Machine is i7-2600 3.4GHz, 16GB RAM, Radeon HD 7750. Please, suggest me something with the light settings or v-ray settings. Material editing now would be a tough job to do. If no other way, suggest something with the material that is quick to do. One more thing. There's only one light in the scene. And that's a V-ray sun.
  8. Hey! So I`m having problems.. I made a room with a few stuff in it, added lights etc.. Just black.. http://www.gamefront.com/files/22516246/Help.zip I have this if anyone can check how i can fix it.. I dont know if all is in there.. i saved as 3Ds max archive.. 3Ds max 2010 x64 Used vray light + target direct.. also used some glass material.. Hope someone can help me out! Thanks!
  9. Studio/Institution: N\A Client: freelance Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3dsmax 2010, vray 1.5 sp5, photoshop CS5. Website: http://N\A Description: this is the side elevation exterior i made as proposal design for a client... The rainy day is all photoshop post work, i know there is much more work has to be done but due to time shortage it didn't work out i hope u like it. C&C are welcome.
  10. I've just finished a semi-complex scene in 3ds Max 2010. I've created a nature corner into a garden with trees, plants, grass, rocks, path, walls, etc. Trees, plants, rocks and lighting products are converted to vrproxy. My 3ds Max turns off every time when the memory is to 1300M. I try to increase "dinamic" to 3000M. The same problem. I decreased "dinamic" to default 400M. The rendering is working but takes years to finished: 3 hours only for "light cache". Vray setup: HD 1024px Irradience - Low Light cache - 150 subdiv DMC & Mitchell-Netravali HSV Exponential VR system - 32 System: Windows Vista Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 Memory 2047 MB 32 bit Operating System If a do a rendering by layers it takes minutes to finished. More exactly, if I try to render only trees, or only grass, etc. it takes second or minutes. If I try to render all scene with all layers turned-on it takes days. Pls, help me, what to do?
  11. Studio/Institution: Pixeles Studios Graficos Client: Edgardo Bautista Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3D Studio Max 2011 & Vray SP5 Website: http://www.edgarbaut.co.cc Description: Hello, This is my first post here, these are some projects I've worked I hope you like them, are not of great architectural interest most of all I do for the renders, I hope your comments!
  12. Hi, I would like to make an 'art gallery' space with no windows for interior renderings. Rather than using vray lights to simulate a real art galleries artificial lighting set up, I would prefer to use my usual method of HDRI + VRAY DOME LIGHT because I prefer the light quality. Obviously using an hdri+domelight with a room without windows makes the interior pitch black, so can anyone suggest a way to use the HDRI to light an interior without windows? I am using 3DS Max 2010 Many thanks Raj
  13. This is my first post so I hope someone can help. I am using 3ds Max 2010 and am trying to animate the falling of dead leaves from a tree. I am using a tree brought in from Onyx, converted to an editable poly. I havent used particle flow that much but have been able to get my leaves to emit from a source and tumble to the ground. What I am trying to do is get the leaves that are already in place to fall to the ground and rest there, i.e, no emiting from a source. I have thought that this may be made easier if the leaves werent one element, so I detached all leaves to individaul elements, but still can get it to work. I've also tried removing the birth operand as I dont want to generate leaves, rather animate existng leaves, but still cant get the effect I need. I have looked through these forums and elsewhere on the internet but cannot find an answer and have just spent two hours on hold with Autodesk only to be cut off, twice! I have attached an image of how my pflow has been created. Thanks in advance.
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