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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys, I've been struggling with a freeze issue in the past weeks. I had Max 2016 with Vray and when I render (Only when rendering) my screen freezes. It won't happen when when modelling or else. I uninstalled 2016 and installed 2018 because I thought maybe this was a problem with max and windows. Still happening. I updated all Visual C++ drivers, I updated all Nvidia drivers. Heres a few hints that hopefully could help you: -The monitor shows exactly what was going on at the time of the bug -The clock, the vray buckets, the mouse, nothing moves. And it will stay like this for days until I shut down with the power button -Alt F4, ctrl+alt+del doesnt work -My fans stops going full speed -It can happen 3x a day or not happen for 3 days then suddently it happens -It can happen when I am away with no programs open other than MAX I hope I gave enough info. That is all I have. It is really a problem because we are missing deadlines when rendering at night. All software are legal copies Thanks a lot Windows 10 Ryzen Threadripper 1950x GTX 1080 32Go memory ASUS Prime X-399-A
  2. Hello. I'm a 3d student and I stumbled upon a problem in one of my projects. I was modeling when suddenly random shadows started appearing and i couldn't select the right edges or vertexes or the character would just disappear from my viewport. I think i did a Reset Xform but i cant remember if that was the cause or not. Im gonna leave some screenshots of the problem. Random shadows: Cant select the right edges:
  3. Hello, I am using 3ds max 2015 (with sp3) with vray 3.2 and itoo forest pack to create some vegetation in my scene. After i created several forest pack objects, and suddenly while working on the scene, i notice that some forest pack objects suddenly stopped rendering. They show in the viewports, and i can modify them and everything, except, they suddenly stopped rendering. So i had to delete them and redo them. Then after a time of working, again suddenly they stopped rendering. Any clews ? i noticed that they stopped working by order of creation (the oldest forestpack objects stop working first) .. I hope i dont have to upgrade to 3ds max 2016 to solve this problem Any help would be appreciated Sincerely Hadi
  4. Not sure if this has been posted before, although I tried searching for it. I encounter this time and again. I am using 2012 with V-Ray Adv 2.40.03. You can see that there is a part of the mesh visible (it is a roof of a building) even after deleting it. It is a group. Haven't experienced this before (in other versions of 3ds Max) and this scene doesn't have any XRefs or anything like that. I believe it could just be a bug. Does anyone know a workaround if they have encountered one?
  5. I noticed recently that I was getting a lot of duplicate materials (same name, same properties) in a scene even though I was using the 'use scene material' option when merging. A colleague suggested that instead of using the 'apply to all duplicates' option, I click through each warning individually, and sure enough, it successfully merged the materials (this is a simple scene with only 10 or so materials and I know they are all identical as they were all taken from a merged model common to each one) Is this a known bug or just me?
  6. idk what it is with my copy of max, or maybe it's my pc, but im having a some issues with buttons. one's dealing with the IK panel in the Hierarchy tab, but the one im referring to now and is holding me back is the "Choose Morph Object" button in the "Morpher Basic Parameters" rollout in the Morpher material. i'll click it and it'll highlight but when i select any object with an Editable Mesh and Morpher modifier in the stack, it just selects the object, not bringing up the morpher bind window. i referenced the steps from the 3ds max help page, http://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/3ds-max/learn-explore/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2015/ENU/3DSMax/files/GUID-9E4C8FF9-F981-4882-BAFB-D241C4FC57EF-htm.html. this is really holding me back, when im already falling back on time. help=GREATLY APPRECIATED!
  7. Hello, I apologize if this is in the wrong area. I use photomatix to tone map vray render elements saved out in .exr format. I find this method to be great in case I need to "save" an image that didn't turn out so well during render time. I have used this software for 4+ years now and have never run into an issue. However, with the newer version I have this issue with 0-black areas. (usually an alpha problem) The red areas are supposed to be solid black. Does anyone have any experience with this? I can think of several workarounds and, of course, can always roll back my version but I was hoping there may be an easy fix. Any help is appreciated.
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