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Found 6 results

  1. Help!! I have AutoCAD 2002. I worked on the project of 2 weeks. I kept on a flash card. After I pulled out from a computer, I showed to the customer. when again I tried to open houses, writes that the file of drawing is damaged. How to restore?
  2. A .DWG file was corrupted upon the unexpected switch off my PC. I used to restore my AutoCAD file by using the commands RECOVER, RECOVERALL, AUDIT; but these commands didn’t help any with the file in question. How can I attempt to repair it?
  3. I have ~ 50MB .skp Sketchup8 file. I need to import this model to MAX 2010. Export to .3ds fails (reports somthing about Temp directory size, which I have plenty). I tried export to - FBX (1,500 MB) - DEA (53 MB) - DWG (58 MB) None of those exported file types completes import action. Any type I'm using cause my MAX to freeze. Any idea why it's happening? Which different way I should use for export skp so I'll be able to import in MAX?
  4. Evening all I am currently trying to import a .DWG in to 3DS Max 2011. The error message, which pops up after the standard import dialog boxe sayd "unable to attach this file; the file may missing, corrupted, or not contain valid data" It opens fine with rhino though. . . so maybe a max thing? Anyone had the before? Anybody kind enough to help me sort it?! Thanks in advance guys Alain
  5. Anyone here successfully have a raster image reference come into Max when importing a DWG? How do you do it? I saw recently that supposedly raster images should come across when you import into Max, but I've never found that to be the case and was wondering if anyone has suggestions. I found a line from a Max6 extension subscription release that says: "Supports Raster Images : A .jpg or a .bmp file can be inserted into AutoCAD and used as a template on which to draw. This Image Object is also translated by the 3ds max DWG reader." Perhaps it has something to do with an autocad setting (of which I know nothing) or how the raster is put into the DWG. Right now I'm just attaching a JPG as a raster image to the DWG, upon import into Max nothing is displayed, I expected a plane to be created with the JPG mapped as a diffuse map in a standard material. Thoughts? Thanks for the help...
  6. Hi Can anyone give me links to tutorials for creating a 3dmax model from dwg, of an exterior building? I would rather a spline modeling. Thanks a lot Ifat.
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