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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I am studying 3D and although my goal is to work in the field of architecture, our course also covers 3D for video games. We are working with 3ds Max. We are on a summer vacation (1 week) and the teacher gave each of us a specific challenge to solve. Mine is to create a jewel that can be imported as an asset in a game engine. I can only have one diffuse, normal and specular maps. Over the past 4 days, I've been working hard on it, but now I'm seriously hitting a wall. The material and the rendering of Vray is great, but I am totally unable to do a good baking of the diamond. I know that once in game it will stay as it is (the gem will not react to light), but I would like and need to have something that is as close as possible to the Vray rendering. I bake the complete map of Vray and then try to put the right map in the right slot of the blinn, but the result is horrible. I tried a regular rendering of the texture and even a texture projection. But none gives a good result. The professor said that for every problem he has given us, there is a solution. And yes, we are allowed to ask for help since we are in a learning process. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong or what technique can be used to achieve this goal? I enclose a photo so that you can see ... Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi everyone, This is my first post here, I'm hoping a wizard from this community might be able to help me out with a Render to Texture (texture baking) issue I'm having with v-ray 3.6. So, my scene file renders just fine, but when I try to do a texture bake of the "Vray Complete Map", I get these weird jagged shadow artifacts and uneven lighting. This happens even with GI turned off. I tried turning up the "Secondary Rays Bias" from the Global Switches rollout, to no avail. The UV map is perfectly clean with plenty of padding between shells, and I really have no idea what's causing these artifacts. Any suggestions would be massively appreciated!
  3. Hi, I'm using Vray for 3ds Max and I have a question about normal map rendering. Below are two rendered textures of the same low-poly model with the same normal map. The first one was rendered with Mental Ray, and the other one below with Vray. Mental Ray: Vray: The MR texture renders all the Normal map details uniformly all across the mesh regardless of lighting and shadows but on the Vray texture, the normal map renders only in shadowy areas while areas hit by direct light show are all washed out and render almost none of the normal map details. Is this normal ? Is it possible to make Vray render normal maps the same way Mental Ray does, uniformly and regardless of lighting ? How ?
  4. For an animation where only the camera moves, is it more common to pre-calc the GI or to bake the lighting and then render with all the lights/GI turned off? Are these the two most common methods? And...could anyone explain to me (or direct me to some reading) why you would choose one option over the other? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all, i'm working on a camera walkthrough animation of a static scene. I need to use texture baking, but i've the doubt of which elements i've to include in render to texture dialog. It is enough to render a complete map on the self-illumination (value 100) channel? Or do i need some other render elements? Some elements in my scene use normal maps to get details: do i need to render normal map for these too? Thanks for your suggestions.
  6. I have a very simple scene with a bridge (img 1) with A&D mat, a daylight system and mr Photographic Exp. Control. Objects well unwarped. No problem with normal renders. When I use render to texture, I have a kind of big black spot on my texture (img 2) but nothing in the alpha (img 3). Not so nice in the 3DRT soft (img 4)... -If I put a big box in place of the bridge ==> same problem on the box -If I use skylight with Log. Exp. control ==> same problem -If I use Standard Mat. ==> same problem -If I use mental ray shader ==> same problem Any idea? Because I don't know what to do... ThX
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