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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, just few words to present my new vray plugin: VRayVegetalMtl is a material for Vray under 3DS Max, which can reproduce translucency effects in foliage. All parameters are on one panel, and the approach is simpler than the VRay2SidedMtl. Also this plugin is able to generate translucency while maintaining a good level of contrast. To see: Video demonstration and documentation on the blog. http://autourdesimages.com/vrayvegetalmtl-en
  2. It's my last tree made with ATree3D scirpt. I love a huge amount of possibilities in this script - simple, fast and easy to use Textures are included in archive. Model is ready to use in private and commercial projects: Greetings Krzysztof Czerwiński
  3. Hey guys, I recently did a course for creating realistic plants (botanically correct) in SpeedTree( and soon GrowFX). I thought I'd share some of the final images with you. A little about the scene : Over 120 different species of plants was specially built just for this this scene from scratch, which include moss, grass, flowers, plants, ivies, vines and trees. I ended up using about 30 different species for the scene. I did use both Corona and V-ray to render out images. There are more than 400 billion polygons in the scene via instancing (Using forest pack pro) and over 100 million unique polys. I also did use over 400 textures for the scene ranging from 0.5 k to 4k images. Opacity is used for most leaves. All in all it took less than 8 hours to render the scene on an i7 4 core(8T) with 12GB of memory with over 60 render elements . (There are 2k and 4K renders) Here's a link to the course if anyone is interested : http://shlece.com/product/the-art-of-landscaping-with-speedtree/ I'd appreciate any feedback
  4. I brought some vegetation into my scene from another project and it all renders black. I checked the material structure in both scenes and it's the same. So what should I be looking for to correct this. Seems like a map gamma issue but I'm not sure how to address it. Notice the ivy on the wall and the bushes along the fence line. All black. Thank You.
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Stas Mikhailov. I work as an architect in Minsk, Belarus. here I will post my models of vegetation. Long time ago I made ​​a few species of grass and now I decided to put them on this forum. In the future I may also be going to post here trees, bushes and other vegetation. I use GrowFX plugin for 3Ds MAX to create all this models.
  6. I made many test of my 3d models of old trees...and now i suppose that these quality is rather enough for some 3D streetviews(not close ups, because leafs so rather flat...). Please comment and give me some idea about better shape my trees, maybe ideas how to improve realism. Here are exmaple renders: Greetings Krzysztof Czerwiński
  7. I have a problem with my 3d when I render a scenario with much vegetation outside, the program closes. has this happened to anyone? can someone help me? 3dsmax 2010 v-ray adv. 1.5 SP4 CPU RAM 24 GB
  8. Hi all, I was recently looking into octane render . And it seems much faster with my brand new Quadro 4000. I was wondering whether if its possible to work with forest pack or any other vegetation/scatter plugins in octane. i tried to render with forest pack but its not visible in it. Then i thought about trying with advancepainter but it adds too much poly's in my scene, am working on a huge villa project. Can anybody please shed some light on this topic ? .. Thanks in advance..
  9. Studio/Institution: own study Genre: Landscaping Software: sketchup + vrayfor SKU + photoshop cs3 Description: [ATTACH=CONFIG]46632[/ATTACH]
  10. Hello everyone, I intend to invest into an vegetation plug-in, as I have to do some exterior work. I am currently looking at three competeing products: Onyx, GrowFX and AutoGrass. I would be thankful if someone in the know would be kind enough to comment on following issues: 1. if I get Onyx or GrowFX is it sensible to get AutoGrass as well, or will this be doing a redundant job? 2. how does GrowFX currently compare to the Onyx Super Bundle? As I understand GrowFX is cheaper, appears to have a better support and allows to animate growth, while the Onyx package produces slightly better models. Is there any more to it? 3. how stable are both packages with the aforementioned versions of MAX? 4 (Bonus question) I am also thinking about getting a scatter solution (mainly for use with vray proxies). Which scatter would you recommend? Where do you see the main limitations of the scripts/plugins and which scatterer would you recommend (if I go for a commercial solution, I would be leaning towards Forest Pack as Vray and Multi Scatter seem to get more stick on the forums). Thank you for your input. Regards mkfrommainchester
  11. Studio/Institution: GAYARRE infografia Client: Orberiber Genre: Residential Exterior Software: VrayforC4D Website: http://Http://www.gayarre.eu Description: One of our last images. A hard work to model the existing vegetation. I hope you like it !
  12. Hello everyone this is my older competition entry it was done in summer of 2009. I was testing vRay proxy vegetation. But sadly winner is unknown till this date. I think i was cheated a bit.. It was done in 3DSMax 2009 - vRay - PS C&C welcome
  13. Hi everybody, We would like to share some frames from a golf course animation we finished. Altogether 6 minutes of animation. Tools used were 3Dsmax, vray and fusion for compositing. Coments and suggestions for future improvement are most welcome. Thanks, +421Media team. http://www.421media.com
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