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Found 6 results

  1. Studio/Institution: Private Genre: Residential Interior Software: Blender – Cycles Description: Here is what I did after two weeks of practice. The second piece ever made, the first I made without guidance. Getting your honest feedback and some tips would be great. Thank you in advance! Regards Christoph Credits: Logs made by Danilius (BlendSwap)
  2. I’m pretty new to the world of 3D and Architectural design and would be very happy if someone could guide me in the right direction before I start learning all the applications. I need a workflow. I will start working AND learning in the Autodesk applications as I have access to them on the computers at school. My goal is to learn architectural design just for fun to begin with. Design my apartment with all the stuff in it, for example. I don’t mind if it take me a lot of work and time to get where I want as long as I get there and get started in the smartest way. So here we go. Say that I want to design my apartment with everything in it. I want to make it accurate from the beginning with all the measurement 100% correct. Maybe in the future I’ll want to try out a new livingroom design in my “virtual” apartment before I go shopping. Where do I start? What’s the best way for making floorplans, designing the raw interiors and so on? Say that I want to design the kitchen table with the correct dimension and angles. Should I start in Autocad to draw everything and then export it to 3Ds Max for the final touch and so on? Maybe Revit is better then Autocad? It’s hard for me to explain my thoughts exact the way I’m thinking them but if you go with my example of designing my apartment as my project to learn about Architectural design. What would be the best way to go for me if I want to do it the way the pros doing it? You don’t have to write the bible of architectural design, just show me the path Thanks you!
  3. Studio/Institution: Alvaro Mendoza Client: Personal training Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max,vray,autocad,photoshop Website: http://alvaromendozastudio.weebly.com/ Description: Hello, Here is my latest interior design, the design was based in a tropical style. The model was built in Autocad 3d and 3d max studio as well. Illumination was created with Vray sun, Vray sky and used Vray camera with a little DOF effect. I hope you like and I'll appreciated all your comments. Best regards
  4. Studio/Institution: propiopixel Client: alms arquitectos Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3dmax, vray 1.5, photoshop Website: http://www.propiopixel.com Description: Hello, I want to show, this is another job for the same client, but in another building.
  5. My first post! An old project that I recently came back to. My old living room in a Victorian house where I used to live. I did the modelling mostly in autocad with a little in 3ds max. Rendered with Max/mental ray. One shot is day and one is night with photometric lights. I am still pretty much a beginner at max and have been self taught at 3D Viz generally whilst working as an architectural technician over the years. Recently became unemployed so started trying to improve my max skills. Any tips on improving the images from you season pro's? I am working on a dual core 2ghz laptop so don't have lots of processing power to throw at it. The night shot took about 5 hours to render.
  6. Hi all Today i create architectural interior(dinning room). Hoping you will like it. I would appreciate any help or advise given.. Regards Manoj Singh
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