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Found 14 results

  1. Hello everyone, I’m currently trying to find out how one could make the lives of new Archicad users a lot easier. Which is why I have two very simple questions: 1) As a beginner in Archicad (or if you have ever tried Archicad), what are 2 biggest issues you are dealing with? 2) Regarding learning Archicad, what would you wish for more than anything else? Thanks so much in advance – looking forward to reading your answers.
  2. Now the new world is coming : no borders, no limits. Technologies create another dimensional universe. If you want to keep afloat and grow your ideas you have to use the chances that gives you. We produce you the best BIM designers from Russia. Architects, structural or engineering : we have a specialist for you for a reasonable price. You can see our works in the PDF or on the photo. Our site is here Feel free to ask me any questions. We can design a 3D render, CAD to BIM, point of clouds to Revit or just design from scratch. bimlab.online presentation_compressed.pdf
  3. Video by DEEP LI | Rendered in Twinmotion 2016 | Postpro in Adobe AE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaCs9_fo-ds Any comments or questions are welcomed! Tianxiao ABVENT Team
  4. Twinmotion patch 2016.01 is now available online. http://twinmotion.abvent.com/trial-version/ Oculus Rift support, cut sections, new import format, new language available, bug fixed, Twinmotion has taken another big move towards the 100% immersive real-time visualization. Let's see the features in details: New Features – Oculus Rift support: you can now use your Oculus Rift in the immersive view (F11) and in the BIMmotion – Sections: sections are used to cut through your project. Up to 32 sections can be used at the same time. There are two sections type: cubical and spherical Import – Sketchup 2016 format is now supported Interface – German interface. – German Online help. Bug fix – Fixed UI inconsistencies when using scaled text. – Camera and Clip renaming. – Avoid sudden drop when enabling physic. – Fixed dissolved characters when rendering images and videos. Any questions about Twinmotion are welcomed, I'm here for you Tianxiao
  5. Graphisoft ARCHICAD has organized a webinar yesterday featuring Twinmotion 2016, during which they have introduced the real-time visualization technology Twinmotion. For those who haven't attended the webinar but interested in the topic, here is a recorded version of the webinar: Tianxiao KA-RA / Twinmotion
  6. Graphisoft will organize on next Tuesday, February 2nd, an online webinar introducing an innovative BIM visualization solution Twinmotion to ArchiCAD users: http://www.graphisoft.com/learning/online-seminars/registration-twinmotion.html There are 3 sessions, you can chose the one which works best with your schedule. Interactive displays, tablets, smart phones and virtual reality.. That is what Twinmotion does. Come and take a look and follow the mega-trends for BIM and productivity!
  7. Twinmotion invites you to a free live webinar about the new features in the last version Twinmotion 2016. The webinar led by Ildikó Szabó of Abvent who will walk you through a workflow demo of Twinmotion, highlighting all the fantastic new features in the latest version of this game-changing visualization software: - BIMmotion - point cloud and Google Earth terrain (via SketchUp) import and conversion to a Twinmotion terrain - enriched object library: vegetation, animated characters, vehicles, fountains - project phasing Wed, Jan 20, 2016 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM CET Click here for more date and time and to register TODAY! https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/8166503137641235969 The webinars are FREE but space is limited! We are looking forward to your attendance. Tianxiao
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAiW9ew-4oM&feature=youtu.be Any thoughts? Tianxiao
  9. Twinmotion 2016 has been released today! Have a glimpse of the new features: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL1eFi-tG9A You can now download it on Twinmotion's website: http://twinmotion.abvent.com/trial-version/ And for those who are especially interested in BIMmotion, our standalone viewer, you can now download and try some BIMmotion samples too: http://twinmotion.abvent.com/bimmotion/ We wish you like it and don't forget to share your experiences with us! Enjoy Tianxiao KA-RA / Twinmotion
  10. Some rendering images by our user Poomipak Boonthanom. Comments or ideas? Tianxiao KA-RA / Twinmotion
  11. Good morning friends. I would like to get some feedback if possible. I have been using 3DS Max and VRay for appox 12 years along with many of the other pre and post production tools. I am currently working for an architect that has fully embraced Revit (and the BIM process) with Sketchup also being used on a more limited basis. Being in a mixed role with graphics management and also producing high end marketing animations and renderings I am looking for the best solution for Revit that allows for good quality renderings to be produced by myself and others in the office. For everyday quick design/visualization I would like to start to move more towards working in Revit and bypass 3DS Max and VRay. I know some would shoot me for saying that. High end and fantastic has its place but quick and pretty (or quick and beautiful if possible) is very important for the design process as well as surviving in a integrated delivery system. My question is, what rendering plugins (if any) are you guys using to leverage Revit's capabilites and what kind of road blocks are you running into? Does Revit meet your rendering and animation needs? If so, what is the workflow that your finding is working best for you and your office. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  12. Hi folks! This forum is useful for learn more about architectural softwares. Very nice. My name is Murilo. I'm an architect from Brazil, I work with ArchiCAD and I've a blog that shows some infos about BIM/ArchiCAD/Artlantis. Also my blog has some tips for beginners. noletoblog.blogspot.com Thanks!
  13. I want to dedicate my time and energy on learning architectural rendering. Among so many tools in the markets, I am a bit confused of which tools are really worth to invest my time on. So far, it seems to me that using Revit for BIM and Rhino to final rendering would be a good combination and I would appreciate if anyone would give me some professional advice. My aim is to create BIM and to create photo realistic architecture/landscape to proof the concept.
  14. Hello Everyone If you use SketchUp as BIM you can easily make 3D model out of 2D drawings which are in PDF or DWG formats for a better visualization. In your design you can apply both Revit-BIM and SketchUP for design study & design creation. The people using Sketch up and Revit need to be good communicators. Comments are most welcome... Regards Manoj Singh
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