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Found 12 results

  1. Thank you for taking the time to read my questions and comments. I am new to this so I apologize for the text wall and improper use of terminology. I think I have answered my own questions but because I acknowledge my lack of knowledge, I need to consult a large group of people and get different opinions. I own an older HP ML350 G6. It contains 2x Xeon X5672 at 3.2GHz, 56GB DDR3 RAM, 6x 149GB SAS 15K RPM in a Raid 5+0, no video card, 460W PSU redundant. I'm using ESXi 5.5 for my OS. I have used this system in the past to run a few VMs hosting video game servers at the same time and it handled it pretty well. ATM, I am no longer running any game servers so it was just sitting there collecting dust. A guy I play games with creates animations as a hobby and renders them but his video card died so he can't interact with his PC. I offered him the use of my server to render on because he still had a shitty laptop to get online with and he accepted. I knew nothing about Cinema 4D or rendering for that matter when I offered my hardware. I have done an extensive amount of reading over the last week to try and educate myself on this topic. My first question is, are there any major drawbacks to rendering on a VM even with all resources allocated to it? I still know nothing about the specific settings used for rendering in CD4, but I know we are focused on CPU rendering only. My friend that is doing the rendering applied the settings he wanted and we are getting about 30 minutes a frame. He said when he was using his computer, it was doing the same thing with the same settings in about 20 minutes. He is using the i5-4690K. I am relying on integrated graphics while his dead video card was a GTX 1050. So my question is, would adding a video card, even a cheap one, take enough load off the CPU's to see any performance increase in rendering times? Would a cheap, 1GB card help in any noticeable way and could I get away with an AMD card? I have some older HD5770's laying around but I can't test them without upgrading the PSU first or I would just test it. For $55 I can get a new GTX730 or a GTX1050 for $150. Without a GPU, we cannot use V-Ray. When my friend was rendering on his system, he never used V-Ray so having it as an option is not a necessity, but if the answer to my question about adding a video card is 'yes, buy a video card', which I think the answer is going to be, I think it is worth looking into seeing if it is a possibility. To have the option of offering V-Ray, I understand I should be looking at workstation cards with a minimum of 4GB RAM. Keeping in mind, this is an older system being used to learn on and mess around with so I won't be buying a Quadro M5000. Buying something new doesn't appear to be an option either, but, for $60 I can get the old quadro FX5800 or for $100 I found a Tesla M2090 6GB. Which kind of video card am I best to go with? Older workstation or newer desktop? I think I should go with the Tesla M2090 but what do you think? When it comes to the CPU's, I have read that while the higher the frequency the more desireable, having more cores could be better. So when I was upgrading my CPU's, rendering was not something I had considered doing with the hardware. I went from E5620's at 2.4GHz to my X5672's at 3.2GHz. I stuck with 4 cores but at a high frequency and saved $100. So my next question is, would there be any gains by switching to the 6-core Xeon X5675 at 3.06GHz? The hardware is old and I don't really want to spend a huge amount of money on it ($100-$300) but I want to improve the performance of my hardware to help with his rendering times but also maybe rent out some server time if it's worth it. Right now I'm working with 460W power supplies. The next size up I can go to is 750W for about $70 a piece making that $140 alone. So here is my thinking, adding a video card to the system keeping the price below $160CAD after tax and shipping. I'm think the Tesla M2090 would be my best choice. It is a 255W card so I am forced to upgrade both power supplies for a total of $240. Lastly, if there is any gain by switching to the 6-core processors, I'll go above my spending limit and make it happen. I can get a matching pair for about $120. This would but me up to $360 which I won't mind spending, I just don't know how much of a gain I would see. Will I see gains of 10 minutes a frame or more or will I see gains so small, the cost doesn't make it worth it. Is my line of thinking and understanding correct? Any input would help a lot. Thank you all that read this far.
  2. I am attempting to create a room which is partially underground. Only trouble is, i can not work out how to clear the 'plane' out of the room without Boolean deleting the entire plane or the room itself. Does anyone know how i can solve this??
  3. Hello all, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on an issue i've been having while using the V-Ray for SketchUp 3.40.02 trial with Sketchup 2017 Pro. VIDEO OF ISSUES: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOzW5SRspLfzlgWJBkMFWpwUoZwWanrWPfcds2RYn5wdY9j1sCSYMzH3pyJHqJ-Gg?key=Z0VPeDRfQ2xxZGh2UnQ1UENVb3V3Xy1wbXk4ckN3 I have groups disappearing from the frame buffer (Video 2:38), textures refusing to apply, and textures applying in sketchup but not showing in the frame buffer (video 0:35). Are there any known bugs that could cause this? Is there something wrong with my workflow that could be causing this? I've tried exploding groups before applying textures to no avail. Furthermore, is it necessary to apply textures to faces individually or can I apply a texture to a group without V-Ray reacting unusually. Is there something wrong with the way my V-Ray is configured (downloaded 2 days ago and immediately experienced these issues)? I'd love to learn more about what V-Ray is capable of but this experience is weighing heavily on my decision to buy. Hopefully I can correct the issues and there is not some sort of bug or compatibility problem. Thanks in advance for any feedback or suggestions. -Mike
  4. Hello, I have a client, who is demanding specific tree in their renders, Unfortunately, I don't have anything near that. This tree is having some nice quantity of flowers on the head. I searched Archmodels, Cgaxis, Xfrog almost everywhere and Even my client send a something he wants in someone's walkthrough. This thing is a pain in my head. Please suggest where this is from or where can I find a similar thing. I also tried with Onyx and Speedtree but Speedtree is very time-consuming and Onyx can't have flowers, If they made it in Growfx or something, Atlease something near can be found! Pic:
  5. Currently stuck at School, just made a profile because I saw their was a possibility that I could get some help converting a 3Ds Max File. It's a 2017 version, but I need a 2016 version before my class starts. http://www.mediafire.com/file/8wijbhd8ig47fi4/Car+Set+Up5.max If somebody could do it, and email the file to me at my alt official spam email Serverstory@gmail.com, or just give me a download link I would be extremely grateful. It's a wire frame of a car that I'm working on.
  6. Hello! Guys.. I am Dhaivat Soni, I started my Arch-Viz Firm a years ago when I was a kid, and I name it "Dhaivatfilms", Because at that time I was doing Video things like Editing little VFX and all kind of that stuff too.. But, now these days I am completely in Arch-Viz Field. My client find my studio name inappropriate for Obvious reasons. Therefore I am Re-branding my Studio. After Brainstorming so much I came up with Nothing We need a New name, In end we will add "Design Studio"... Friends gave this suggestions: Outworld Design Studios Broken Box Studios But I dont want negative things Thanks In Advance Keep Suggesting!!
  7. Hey, I am 3dsmax/Vray Visualizer. I am always struggling for nice intensity for Greenary and Foliage. My Trees, Ivy, Grasses, Bushes and any kind of planting renders a bit dark and low exciting. I really pushed my self into this, I am sick of these. I tried everything I can do. I used, Archmodels, CGAxis, Itoo Presets, Laubwrek, iGrasses, iBushes and iTrees but there is no success. I attached my render and Real Archmodels PDF Smaple pic. See difference your self. I used and Vizpark HDRI with quite nice intensity. If I put Higher Values than I am near of what I want but it burns out whole scene. Also attaching lots of Images that describes how I need my Greens to look like. Thanks in Advance ! [ATTACH=CONFIG]53609
  8. Hello everybody! This is my first post! I'm a 3D generalist from Argentina. I've been working with 3D for several years now and always try to learn more. I have a HUGE problem right now. I was asked by a client to model a crater to be printed out, which will be used on a TV set as anamorphic art. The client wants me to render out a 370*277cm 300dpi (43700*32776px) image. I have sent this job to render on RebusFarm but have received "fatal error" and "render error" each time I try it. As it is a render farm, the first time I tried to render the full image, with no luck. No I used Tiled Camera from C4D to render the image with Vray. but I still get huge render times or errors. I contacted the RebusFarm technical dept and they told me to optimize the file for RAM usage as it is taking more than 64GB of RAM which is the nodes' limit. The image is in Cinema4D and renders with VrayForC4D Can someone help me out with this? I need to deliver the image first thing on Monday and I am quite desperate. ANY help will be much appreciated! Thanks to you all! Jeronimo
  9. Hi CGArchitects, I'm new to this whole community and art form. I've hit a major road block for the last couple weeks and was hoping for some help or clarification. I apologize if this has been asked before, I've been searching around for days, maybe I'm phrasing it wrong in my queries. I've created a simple room in 3DS max, walls, and two floor types. I've unwrapped the UVWs, and made sure they fit inside the 0 - 1 box. Now when I put it into the UE4 and apply the texture to all the surfaces they're all a different size. I under stand WHY this is happening, the material has to spread out over more space, but I don't know how to fix it. The only solution I can think of is to render a UVW template, make an image with the tiles in proportion and then use that image.It seems really counter-intuitive and I can't help but feel there has to be an easier way. Again, I apologize if this is a common question. I've watched dozens of tutorials for UVW unwrapping but I just seem to be missing something. Thanks for the help CGArchitects.
  10. Hi, it's a pleasure of being in this community, with people that share one of my passions, rendering architecture! Thanks for your time! I am having some problems rendering with vray: 1)I cant figure out if it is a antialiasing problem but as you see, the superior edge line of the black marble wall starts pixelating when reachs darker parts The attached image show this problem clearly 2) I also have a problem with the hdri... they are extremely dark and the only solution that i've thought is changing the render multiplier to 20 to reach a normal level of brightness. The most strange thing of all is that if i use vray sun with it's default vray sky as environment only this problem doesnt' happens, so i don't think that it might be a camera problem. I set the vray phis. camera with a f number value of 8, and a shutter and film speed of aprox. 120. 3) I have to set up vraylight material and ies lights to extremely high values of power (around 30000) or i wont see them when rendering. This might be related with the previous problem. 4)My last problem: If i put 5 3d trees models the rendering time gets eternal... days.. is it normal? Please excuse me for the long post and the bad english. I'm trying to finish this soon so i can show it in my curriculum vitae. Thanks for the attention
  11. HI I am trying to render my first interior scene, I am facing a problem with Vray ambient occlusion rendering it is not rendering few objects in the scene such as walls, floors, curtain. I have attached my both rendered output with this thread. I used VRAY AMBIENT OCCLUSION 2.0 script to render this output. Plz help me to sort this problem. Thx Regards Thenu
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