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Found 9 results

  1. Please i am using 3ds max 2016, with vray 3.6, but i dont have a vray physical camera. I will need a link where i can add the camera to my software
  2. Hi, this is my first post, and I need help as I search the documentation and the net but no answer, am a Maya user, the zoom factor works ok on standard Vray physical camera as you free the FOV. But it has no effect once I make that physical camera a spherical camera also, I want to render a closer look into my panorama, like I want to make the rendered sphere radius smaller, how can I make my physical spherical camera zoom s in. I hope I can get help, this forum has all specialists that I need to reach.
  3. Hi all, I'm starting to learn vRay but keep coming across the same issue when lighting with the vRay Sun. I have attached images of the over exposed area around the window frames which have a white colour applied. I have tried to lower the suns intensity and increase brightness in physical camera to compensate... but always come to the same results. The only way I've found a way around this is to apply a grey colour to the window frame... which the sun then exposes as white... but this is a cheats way and doesn't actually solve my issue. Working in Maya Settings are > Color Mapping: Exponential Linear Workflow Phy Cam > F-number: 5.6 Shutter: 100 ISO: 800 vRay Sun settings are default. Any pointers on what it is I'm doing wrong? Thanks for looking P.S: Maya Scene File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vgve8xf24ip1gfl/Bedroom%20kel%202.ma.zip?dl=0
  4. Hi Guys, For 90% of the projects I work on I have roughly 8-10 views which all require a different time of day in the daylight settings to match photography. Has anybody found a way to set each vray camera at a specific time of day to avoid constantly changing the time for each camera? Cheers, Adam
  5. Each time i do a minor change in the setting, either the camera, or the sun or material. The camera renders crazy. The model goes missing only the background color/map is rendered along with one odd element in the scene. But then when i save the change and restart 3ds max and render again without changing any other setting the scene the render looks ok (render corresponds to the changes made). I am going mad restarting 3ds max each time. Please help. Attach is the crazy render image. (Am I missing something while setting up the camera which refreshes the camera only on restarting max? as soon as i restart 3ds max the old setting works and renders all the elements in the scene.)
  6. I use vray 1.5 sp5 in 3ds max to render a vray glass and environment map with vray physical camera. But the Vraysky behind the glass is dark. With 3ds Max standard glass material and Vray physical camera, with normal camera and 3ds max standard material or with Vray glass material and normal camera there is no problem. I post some more pictures and settings with it. How to solve this problem? Thanks! The glass has thickness and I use VraySun. 1. Vray physical camera with Vray glass material settings 2.Vray physical camera with 3ds Max standard glass material, glass parameters: Blinn, specularLevel 125, Glossiness 40 3.3ds Max camera with 3ds Max standard glass material 4.3ds Max camera with Vray glass material
  7. Hello everyone, Our 3d artist works with Maya and Maxwell. Recently we bought Cinema 4d. Management would like that we do not see a difference in our renderings in Maya and Cinema 4d. Is it possible to have the same type of rendering like the image below with the physical render, for example? We have the R15 Cinema 4d visualize.
  8. Hello, i'm trying to match up a normal camera with a Vray physical camera in 3DS MAX, i've been able to get it to nearly a pixel difference but as the image below will show you there is a blue outline when composting in the separate layer of the fumefx due to the slight difference in the camera. I've tried tweaking the cameras FOV very slightly but still the same result. I tried using lelas script to convert a normal camera but i get a huge difference still. http://imgur.com/Vky3WNv
  9. Hi everybody, I have an interior scene with VRaySun and VRaySky and some Skyportals, I use a standard camera but with VRay Exposure Control in the Environment Dialogue and I render either with Gamma in the Color Mapping rollout set to 1.0 or 2.2 with the Don't affect colors (adaption only) option ticked. I like using the HSV exponential Color Mapping type because it brings back the blue colors in the sky and makes the antialiasing of the edges around very bright areas a lot smoother. But all these color mapping related things, Color Mapping (anyone that is not Linear multipy), Exposure Control, VRayPhysicalCamera messes with the pixel values and breaks the Linear Workflow right? So when compositing render elements or, render layers/passes these need to be disabled to keep everything linear in the compositor, right?? Thanks, cheer! //Kristoffer
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