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Found 13 results

  1. Hi All, Check out this New in-depth step-by-step Video tutorial about amazing post-production techniques for exterior daylight renders. The Full Video Tutorial is 27 minutes long, and completely Free. Users are taken through some of the best post-production techniques used in 3d Visualisation and in the film industry. Top subjects are covered in detail. Some of these topics explore techniques such as, loading up pre-rendered files into a stack, advanced adjustment layers, masks, groups, layer blending modes, channels, chromatic aberration, brush tools, clipping masks, and much more. The full link is down below : http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2018/07/full-post-production-tutorial-for.html I hope you find useful :0) Ta J
  2. Hi all, Please could someone shed some light (no pun intended) on how to add additional lights to my scene to create a more realistic effect. With my current knowledge applied to the daylight system settings, I feel the composition's lighting looks dull and bleak. I am an amateur, as I'm sure you can tell, addicted to learning more about CG so any input is great. Thanks in advance. Buzzy
  3. Hello Sirs / Madams, I am Ganesh.K, I am 12 years old. I created this Building Elevation. its work in progress (WIP). Are there any changes to do ?
  4. Hi, This is a view that I am working with an Architect for a upcoming hotel. Please send me your comments, suggestions & critique to make the view realistic. What do you think about the lighting, material and scene composition. Thanks Sachin Walvekar
  5. Studio/Institution: evilios Client: --- Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: 3ds max, v-ray, PS Website: http://evilios.deviantart.com/gallery/ Description: This is a project of a modern house made to improve my 3d skills. The model is from evermotion with a few changes added by myself. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to leave comments ! Hope you like it.
  6. Studio/Institution: Freelancer Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3ds Max 2010+Vray Description: Hello everybody, this is some new work. If you have any tips how to improve or if you just wanna comment please do.
  7. Studio/Institution: LianHe Graphic Design Client: oversea Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: photoshop 3dmax Website: http://www.china-render.com Description: Our department is from China with over ten designers, engaged in graphic design and architectural rendering, I know your company is in the similar field, we’ll be glad to be your sub-contractor or partner with lowest price to share your work, contact us now, u will find out it’s very happy to cooperate with us. sparkle LianHe Graphic Design Dpt. Website: http://www.china-render.com skype: sparkle-inspiration
  8. Studio/Institution: Flicker Studios Client: MSN Architects Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3Ds Max, Vray, Photoshop Website: http://www.flickerstudios.com Description: This is my recent rendering of an Apartment in South India. I will be happy to hear the minus points which i will correct in my future works. so experts please spare a moment to shape me. thank you
  9. Hello Everybody I am Mohit Gujjar a Architect as well 3d artist from interest, familier to 3dsm,su,revit,cad,phtsp. I like this excellent website and gonna love with. here are some shots of last works. nice to see all your posting and so much knowledgable stuff. thanks to all....
  10. Studio/Institution: lemuel m alcoba architects Client: unknown Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: 3dsmax, cs3 Website: http://www.architectlemuel.com Description: our latest work.
  11. Studio/Institution: LianHe Graphic Design Client: oversea Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: 3dmax, photoshop, vray, CAD etc. Website: http://www.china-render.com Description: it's the building in china, high and no special, a lot of people living in such kind of building.
  12. Studio/Institution: Pixeles Studios Graficos Client: Edgardo Bautista Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3D Studio Max 2011 - Vray SP5 - Photoshop CS5 Website: http://www.edgarbaut.co.cc Description: Hi friends, I hope his comments of the rendering and so can improve my skills ... from already thank you very much! This render the work in 3DsMax 2011, Vray SP5 & Photoshop CS5.
  13. Hi all I'm a third year architecture student and am wishing to insert a 3ds max model into a photograph - ie. exterior perspective. I have read a number of tutorials online discussing how to position the model using known measured points. Is there an alternative approach as I don't know the co-ordinates of any points in the photograph. It doesn't have to blow my tutor's mind but I'd be happy if it looks like it 'belongs'. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Daniel
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