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Found 7 results

  1. My First Forum On CGarchitech.com (Awesome Site It Is) Currently, I Have A Good System But I'm Not Gettin' Satisfaction in 3Dsmax VRay... Current System: CPU: AMD Opteron 6212 (x2) Motherboard: ASUS KGPE-D16 (Pretty BIG) Memory : Kingston 8 GB (Nothing Special simple One) HardDisk: WD 2 TB Graphics Card : Quadro 600 (That's the Problem Maybe) N Other Accessories Problem: I am Not Getting Performance in 3dsmax (V-Ray), 3Dsmax is My Everything (Primary Software) , Im getting too low fps... I Switched In Every Graphics Mode (Dx11, Open GL, Nitrous, etc.), But No Sucssess Now I want to Upgrade this or build a New one System: I Reserched & I am thinking of buying and QUADRO K4000 (3GB)...... Guys!!! ,... Do You Think It will solve My Problem??? And I am buying this from my emergency savings so pls Help Me..... I dont want to waste my money..... Pls Suggest me what is Problem???? Thanx In ADVance
  2. Im planning on buying a new desktop system for a fairly small budget (~$1100 AUD) So far i know i can get a GPU-less system new for just over $800 including case and everything needed to operate (Intel HD 4600 with the CPU) Which includes CPU: i7 4770 3.4GHz HDD: 1TB 7200rpm RAM: 16GB 1600Mhz PSU: 750W = ~$810 AUD When it comes to GPU i am struggling to choose. I can get a GTX 760 2GB for $300 Or an Quadro K600 1Gb for about $200 I know that the GTX kills the K600 on most benchmarks but my main work will be inside 3DS and Vray CPU rendering, and i've read a few reviews showing the k600 with much higher viewport fps than the GTX 670 (and no doubt the 760). My main concerns are: - Will the 1gb ram of the k600 be crippling? - Will the GTX760 leave the K600 for dead in Vray active shade? - Will the K600 have the same advantages in performance in Adobe CS6 suite as in 3DS Max viewports, or will the GTX 760 stretch its legs here? Thanks in advanced! Josh
  3. hello guys this is my first post in this club. i need your suggestion. to render smooth from lumion and artlantis i repeatedly getting crashed and getting restart with a bad blue screen. my card is radeon HD7790 sapphire. i am told that this is a gaming card and not perfect for rendering or editing. he suggested quadro 600k 1gb. another friend recommended quadro 4800 1.5gb. both are very close in price and affordable. my deadline is knocking. or should i invest in quadro k4000 3gb, which is about 4 times more expensive than the last 2 models. my friend guided me to sli 2 quadro 4800 and assured best performance. bit confused. pls guide me from your knowledge and experience. thanks.
  4. Seasons Greetings, I am an architectural science student and am experiencing some really troubling issues with lag on my computer when it comes to working in viewports. I am currently in my 3rd year of the program at my school and felt that the complexity of my models was becoming a burden on my graphics card so I decided to look into it. I use the following software: Rhinoceros 5 Revit 2014 3Ds Max 2014 AutoCAD Architecture 2014 Adobe CC Suite I see myself using Revit more and more as this term progresses and may continue using it from then on. Albeit, Rhino is my most used piece of modelling software and its the program in which I have been experiencing the most lag. I decided to try a new graphics card and then purchased a third and so far my testing isn't very conclusive. Here are the 3 cards that I have been testing. AMD Radeon HD 6850 (1GB) NVIDIA GTX 770 (4GB) NVIDIA Quadro K2000 (2GB) I initially had the Radeon HD 6850 installed and felt that it could use an upgrade. I ended up getting the GTX 770 and actually felt that viewport performance had dropped significantly. I then found a cheap K2000 and got that in hopes that it would solve my issues. So far Benchmarking in Revit and Rhinoceros has proved that they are behaving all too much alike. I'm quite disappointed in the Quadro as I expected it to better handle my "complex" models. I say complex, but I believe that these scenes are quite simple in comparison to professional models. I wonder if there is driver issues (OpenGL related?) with either of the NVIDIA Cards as they should certainly at least be outdoing the Radeon HD 6850. Here are my remaining specs if that's any use. Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit Intel Core i7 2600K 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3 MOBO 500GB Seagate (SATA) 120GB INTEL (SSD)
  5. I have a detailed house model with over a million polys. I can browse around the perspective viewport at 200+ FPS, fullscreen viewport at 1080p HD with a GTX 550 2GB (scene uses only 1GB). But when I select a certain element or a polygon or even a single Edge and then rotate the viewport, I get 4 FPS speed and everything is slow to move. I am getting 200+ FPS in normal viewing mode so why so slow in edit poly mode? I have Max 2012 with windows 7 64. All latest drivers, hotfixes, windows updates etc.
  6. I work heavily in 3DsMax, need a high end graphics card that will support a very high poly count and be good for rendering etc. my limits like a grand so any help on which one to pick would also be helpful! Is there much difference in performance between Nvidia and ATI? will one be suited to 3ds max more? I've heard that ones good for gaming are bad for 3ds applications, is that true? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, i have a doubt, anyone of you had using Crossfire or SLI technology using 3dsmax? is the advantages notorious? do you recommend to use this system with my graphics card? i have a 2GB GPU, thanks
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