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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone ,i'm Jeff from Tanzanian ,i am a self taught 3d artist and work in an architectural visualization firm ,I wondered whether I can get some advice from you guys. The problem that I have is that I am paid peanuts compared to what the guys who hired me are earning from the renders:(. I don't know everything and I still have alot to learn but I can make better renders compared to the guys I work for. Before I started working there I found it very hard to find work since there isn't much of an archviz industry where I come from even though there's alot of real estate development ,to be honest the people here don't know much about Archviz and how it can help them with there projects. I wanted to start my own archviz firm and I was wondering whether it was the right decision, I know starting a business is hard but I am willing to face the challenges . If you were in my position what would you do and how would you go about it ?Also don't worry about hurting my feelings:p just tell as it is.
  2. I have this unfarmiliar problem with all later version. vray 3.2 - vray 3.3 and vray 3.4 Vray 3.02 works fine but cant be used with some renderfarms I have a nvidia GTX 980 (ForceWare 368.81) Intel processor Core i7 5960X Gigabyte X99-Gaming 5P Windows 10 x64 I have reinstalled nvidia drivers. ( no result) Deleted nvidia drivers. max starts with default settings. (no-result) Installed max 2014- 2015 and 2016 but all vray version after 3.02 gives the same result. Someone familiar with this? Best regards Jurell
  3. I've just started with Max 2016, and I've a few problems with the changes. When I'm in the layers I can't turn off a column of seperate layers by holding down the shift key, they have to be turned of individually. This can't be reverted? Also when I select an object, the corrosponding layer automatically opens and displays every object on that layer. Again, can this be changed? I don't need to see this. Half the time I'm in layers I'm simply turning things off I didn't need on in the first place, quite infuriating.
  4. When I render a particular scene, and have the Vray Lens effect on, when vray applies the lens effect on the final render, it completely makes it white..... any ideas why?
  5. Hy all! sorry my english not well.. I'm having a problem where the vraylightmtl doesnt emit light well,, its not noisy, it just raggy.. Maybe this is GI, antialiasing problem,, i set Primary : Irradiance map, secondary : light cache, antialiasing : catmull rom , Adaptive Subvision Any sugggestion ?
  6. Hi, Anyone can tell me how am I suppose to render clear-glossy glass? I had tried all sorts of way but whatever I tried It will just turn out to be "Frosted" and pixelated!
  7. hi New here so hope someone can help me out. I have recently started using vray to render my stuff, I am trying to render a plan view to show shadows of a surface so im looking for the "default" look where the whole scene is an off-white/blueish color, instead, i get the render of my plan, but instead of the backround being the same color, it is black:confused:. anyone know how to fix this? thanks!
  8. I'm a new operator to CG but have commissioned many works before. I produced satisfactory results for a few days, but opened up the file today and Flamingo will only render the image in the flat default grey. In Rhino Render all the materials appear correctly. Clearly there is some default setting I've screwed up with in Flamingo. Does anyone know what this is? And the plug-in is paid for and registered.
  9. Good morning (^v^)/ I would like to try and setup distributed rendering. I have 3DsMax 2012 and VRay Advanced 2.0 Can someone explain to me the difference between VRay RT render server, VRay DR Spawner, Backburner and Net Render? I know Backburner comes standard with 3DsMax for distributed rendering but what's the Net Render tick box for at the bottom of the Common Parameters in the Render Setup? And the Distributed Rendering tick box under the Settings Tab? Why are there so many... I have tried all the above render choices(?) but they all gave me some sort of problem: (1) Backburner, I can render the scene from my intended slave(B) to my main pc(A) but the render process does not use A and B to render. When i render from A, picks up only the A server and uses it. (2) Net Render, I type the IP's of A and B but again it only picks up A. (3) Distributed Rendering, with this option selected in the Settings tab, I type the IP's of A and B but it returns with a warning log saying "Could not connect to host A & B". (4) VRay DR Spawner, it neither starts up when I select it form the start menu (it's not in my Task Bar or under my Tast Manager) nor when I click it in my C-Drive directory. (5) VRay RT render server starts fine but I have to start the vraydummy2012.max from the C-Drive (a tutorial said it should show up). During the render it returns with a warning log saying "Could not connect to host A & B" or "Could not connect to target because target machine actively refused it" All firewalls are set to allow. IP's are auto obtain. I have made a Backburner render on both pc's. I can see and access both pc's from each other over the network. Am I using the wrong renderer? Advice and input all welcome (^ㅂ^)
  10. Hello, I was wondering what are some problems that architects and architectural visualization experts face on a day to day basis, when working on projects and dealing with clients ? The reason why i`m asking is because i`m working on a new article that aims to point them out, so it would be a tremendous help if you could let me know some of your opinions. Thank you!
  11. Hey guys, I have this problem with rendering an exterior scene of a building. 1. The hdri sky i put isnt affectin the scene. 2. The walls are dull, and shadows are not obvious. I'm using physical camera, ir map & light cache. And also, the hdri shows in the viewport but not in the rendering pls i need advice. thanks
  12. I'm posting pics as I go along. I've never done this before and I'd appreciate some feedback as far as if I've modeled something wrong or if I'm missing something. This used to be another thread (Walls) but I'm beyond that so I posted it as something more general. Right now, as in the last 2 pics, I'm having problems with the elevation changes by the entryway, how its deeper by the door, goes up some stairs when inside, making it the general elevation of the rest of the house. How would I level the rooms next to it? I hope the pics explain what I mean. These are my latest pics: http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j84/DMasek/House/Housequater02.jpg http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j84/DMasek/House/HouseBack01.jpg http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j84/DMasek/House/HQWallPtxt.jpg http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j84/DMasek/House/Houseinsdprbtxt.jpg
  13. Hello, i hope this is the right place to post this but i have a problem with my vray. For some reason i dont have the option of vraysky, vray sun or the vray camera, the actual renderer works fine but non of these are present. any ideas?? Thankyou jOff
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