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Found 14 results

  1. vray light select render element show white spots in full mode.
  2. Hi All, Check out this New in-depth step-by-step Video tutorial about amazing post-production techniques for exterior daylight renders. The Full Video Tutorial is 27 minutes long, and completely Free. Users are taken through some of the best post-production techniques used in 3d Visualisation and in the film industry. Top subjects are covered in detail. Some of these topics explore techniques such as, loading up pre-rendered files into a stack, advanced adjustment layers, masks, groups, layer blending modes, channels, chromatic aberration, brush tools, clipping masks, and much more. The full link is down below : http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2018/07/full-post-production-tutorial-for.html I hope you find useful :0) Ta J
  3. I'm using the formula v-ray provided but I can't seem to get back to my beauty image when using VRayEnvironmentFog, atmosphere render element. Here is the formula I am using: (VRayDiffuseFilter x (VRayRawLighting + VRayRawGlobalIllumination)) + (VRayRawReflection x VRayReflectionFilter) + (VRayRawRefraction x VRayRefractionFilter) + VRaySpecular + VRaySSS2 + VRaySelfIllumination + VRayCaustics + VRayAtmosphere I've also attached my nuke compile script, if you want to check it out. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8vvkyi2lfn9iez3/scene6.0673.exr?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/e4eb5sytx1ue3zf/test.nk?dl=0 Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have a problem with randomizing Object ID, because I use to work with groups in 3dsMax. When I try to randomize Object IDs with ID Tool script it doesn't see group as one object, but also randomize objects inside the group, so in the end I have too many Object IDs in scene and I need to make so much Render Elements for post production. Does anyone know any script that randomize Object IDs and also can see a group as one object in randomization? Thanks,
  5. Hi guys, I'm working on an exterior project and was looking into different ways of rendering out the final image. I was just curious on what render elements people tend to render out for use in post production for an exterior scene. I did look on the forum for what people have already said but couldn't find a a definitive answer. This could be because it differs from person to person but was just wondering peoples opinions on it. Look forward to your guys thoughts Thanks
  6. Hello, I'm geting weird colored noise on render elements. What I've worked out thus far this happens where sample rate is at it's maximum or maybe just geometry edges. I'm getting this in raw reflection, raw lighting, raw global illumination, raw total lighting. (raw reflection is fine) RAW total lighting: https://s12.postimg.org/bjxqxlrel/noise.jpg RAW global illumination: https://s3.postimg.org/8zb75cn9f/VRay_Raw_Global_Illumination_0025.jpg
  7. Hi, I'm using Backburner 3D Max 2016 on two machines and can't get the Vray Render elements produced properly. All I can get is the top strip. I know I can get a .EXR file created but it that doesn't work if they're being shared over two machines. Can anyone advise please? Thanks.
  8. Hello guys, I recently upgraded from max2014 and vray 3.2 to max2016 and vray 3.4 i am quite used to using the RAWshadow, RAWlighting, RAWtotallighting, RAWxxx passes in my postproduction. But i have noticed, that in the new vray 3.4, these elements are appearing very strange and with random colours. I have been ralking my brain around this from the last week, but have failed to pinpoint the error in my settings or anything to go about it. Does anyone have similar experience with the elements and knows what i could do to fix it?
  9. Hi All, Having a few problems with 3DS Max Mental Ray 2016. So with early on scenes we've been experiencing lots of noise, which is fine as we've been able to clean them up at the expense of huge render time. Now upon switching on Render Elements the Noise half's, if not disappears totally. Any ideas? Its literally chalk and cheese regarding render times, and wed ideally not want to keep render elements on for test renders. Many thanks,
  10. Hi, for an interior evening scene I would normally use Standard lights and render out the relevant Render Elements to take into Photoshop for compositing. But for this last scene I have used Photometric lights with an .ies file to control the light spread. Here lies my problem. Once I load the Render elements into PS in the usual manner the blending mode for most of these elements is 'Screen'. Screen has the effect of disregarding anything black in the image. But with these new Photometric .ies light Render Elements, the usual 'Screen' mode blending doesn't now seen to disregard the black entirely, rather leaves the blended image only slightly opaque or as if there is a mist over the image and not at all how it was when I was using standard lights. I've checked my setup and there's nothing I'm doing differently. I understand that even trying to explain this is tricky but if anyone in the know can help I'd appreciate it. Is there a click or a trick I'm missing for this, thank you.
  11. Trying to composite my render elements in photoshop and wondering why my HDRI sky only shows up in the RGB layer. All other render element layers have a black sky. I've attached my render elements dialog and VRay frame buffer settings. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. Should have mentioned I'm saving as an openEXR Thank You
  12. Hello! The question will be about comping *.exr Vray render elements in After Effects CS6 on a video background. Here's how I work at the moment. I blend GI and Lighting layers using "add" blending mode and then precomp these two layers. In that precomp, I also put alpha as a separate layer on the bottom and apply "set matte" to GI and Lighting layers were I select alpha layer as a matte and set "full" to Unpremultiply those layers. Then in the main comp (with video background and precomped layers on top) I again put alpha layer at the bottom and apply "set matte" to the precomp were now I choose Alpha Channel to premultiply it. So, by doing that I can color correct layers in unpremultiplied state in their precomp and see them in the main comp with proper antialiased edge. BUT if I apply "Glow" effect onto the Lighting layer, it looks great in the render elements precomp (the glow goes beyond the 3d object, just as needed), but in the main comp the glow stays only on the object, because the precomp is premultiplied by the alpha. So, I want to find out is there a way to add effects such as glow or blur which go beyond the 3d object only to certain render layers. Or maybe you could suggest a better workflow. Most likely mine isn't proper
  13. Hello mates, I've started to look into compositing with V-Ray Render Elements, so far I have come up with this formula for compositing: (DiffuseFilter * Raw GI) + (DiffuseFilter * Raw Light) + Reflection + Refraction Which gives you your original render but now you can colour correct the GI and direct light independently, as well as reflection and refraction. However, V-Ray has got a lot of more Elements, so there must be a lot more possibilities. How do you composite your Elements, what's your formula? Cheers!
  14. hi i was trying to find a way to render a black and white opacity mask of all objects and parts of objects that have a certain material. if you'll take a closer look at the attachment you'll notice where the problem is... the material we're speaking of is the one on left... unfortunately it has been used on various id's and some times is blended. i went threw render elements tab but i think there's nothing that could help. the only method that comes to my mind is to set it black and then change all the others white. is there any faster/nicer way ? any ideas ? j.
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