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Found 23 results

  1. I am a very part time Exhibition and Interior Freelance Designer using Vis 2008. I'm not getting the stunning visuals other designers present but can't afford to buy a subscription of Vray and Max so I'm looking for alternative suggestions. Ideally I'd buy vray 1.5 (hindsight is a wonerful thing) but that's not an option unless anyone has an old copy lying around? Many thanks.
  2. Hi, I have followed all settings from a number of online tutorials on Dome light HDRI in vray and rhino. I don't know what it is, some of the renders have a black (darkened) part near the top of the image, and some don't (depends on the perspective) - please see attached images. For these two scenes, I didn't touch the domelight at all, only moved around and showed a different view, already they showed 2 different results. There are some scenes that I need to show a particular perspective of a building, (perspectives where the camera is near the ground, not bird eyes view) and those scenes always have that darkened part at the top. Has anyone encountered this problem? I have tried many things, and I can't seem to figure it out. I am using Vray 1.5 and Rhino 5 Many thanks
  3. Its a long shot I know but the people who have previously mentioned using vray 1.5 with viz might have a copy they could sell? I have old copies of software hanging about that are doing nothing - I hoped other users might too!
  4. I wondered if there are any old users of vray that can sell me an old possibly unused copy that will work with Viz 2008. I love my Viz and can't afford to update all of my software - I spent a fortune on it 8 years ago! Please Help
  5. Hi guys, i'm new here,, and my English not well so i'm sorry if there any unclear word, wrong grammar etc.. I've a problem with VrayLightmtl, When i render using Vray Phys cam,, it doesn't emitted, I already click GI on .. I set the colour to yellow,, but the output colour is white,, using Vray 1.50 Anyone have the solution?
  6. I have a problem with my 3d when I render a scenario with much vegetation outside, the program closes. has this happened to anyone? can someone help me? 3dsmax 2010 v-ray adv. 1.5 SP4 CPU RAM 24 GB
  7. I've attached the file here. Seems like i don't know how to make water fountain visualization. Attached an example to make you understand what I was supposed to produce here. Could anybody please help me with this? 1.zip
  8. This scene has too many trees in it. Without trees the scene takes a very little time to be rendered. But with trees layer on, preparing lights(photometric) takes too long. Any solution keeping these lights??
  9. Hi everyone. I am having a major problem with mapping seams when mapping in V-Ray. I have attached two images to illustrate my problem. One of the renderings are done with Rhino´s own render engine, the other is done with V-Ray´s engine. The mapping and everything is the same on both pictures, but for some reason V-Ray creates these very apparent mapping seams. I have tried everything i can think of to fix this, but nothing have worked. I really hope that there are someone in here who can help me out. I am using Rhino 4.0 SR9, V-Ray 01,05,29 Thanks!
  10. hi. I am a interior designer. And using vray rendering. I am good in modelling and wish learn lighting tectonics for interior setup. can some body give some idea how to lighten up the interior scene. Question: is it intercessory to have light sealed room modeling for interiors lighting with vray.
  11. Hey! So I`m having problems.. I made a room with a few stuff in it, added lights etc.. Just black.. http://www.gamefront.com/files/22516246/Help.zip I have this if anyone can check how i can fix it.. I dont know if all is in there.. i saved as 3Ds max archive.. 3Ds max 2010 x64 Used vray light + target direct.. also used some glass material.. Hope someone can help me out! Thanks!
  12. He guys! I am having all kinds of trouble setting up my render farm at home. I have gone through all the online guides including Spot3D and cannot seem to get the rendering to work. I am trying to render a simple still image. So this is what I have going on. 1. I have two computers (about to get two more) both running Windows 7 64bit. 2. I have installed 3D Max on both, and Vray 1.5 + RT on my main workstation and Vray slave + RT slave on the render node. 3. I have told the render node the IP address of my workstation in which to pull the license from. 4. I have set up permissions by sharing folders on each machine (workstation has access to node, node has access to workstation). See attached image. 5. I read on Spot3D that IPv6 is not supported so I went on the MSFT website and changed to IPv4 on both machines. 6. I went into 3D Max and set up a simple scene with simple materials and the only map applied is Vray dirt and did test render on workstation with no issues. 7. I went to the settings tab and checked the DR button and typed in the IP address of the render node an checked "restart slaves on render end".. 8. I started backburner monitor and manager on the workstation and backburner server on the render node. 9. Both computers can see each other. 10. I started the DRspawner as admin on the render node. 11. Render node receives the job and starts 3D Max Dummy 12. Then I get an error message saying: Missing dll: vray_rtmax2012.dlr - Vray RT 1.50.SP3. 13. I remove RT from the active shader and render again using the same steps above. 14. Now the render node does everything as before except now it has been stuck "transforming verticies" for the last 10 minutes and then I get the error message that [Vray] Could not obtain a license (10060). See attached. I am sorry this is long winded but I wanted to give the full picture. If anyone has insight into this please let me know. Any help is as always greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  13. nkhn

    Vray sun & camera

    Has anybody used either the sun or the camera? Are there ANY benefits to it as opposed to Max defaults? Ive tried using vray phycamera & it took me double the time to render than it takes normally with max default camera. I did not notice any improvement in the picture & the camera felt very clumsy to handle. It was the same with the sun. Can anybody give me any tutorials that explain how to use these or at least some reason to use these?
  14. I am writing after encountering issues with the new VRay 1.5 for Rhino on two separate computers: a personal laptop and a tower at work. Both computers are PCs, an HP and a BOXX, and were purchased this year are 64-bit systems and run on Windows 7. I have used Rhino and VRay together for about 4 years now without incident, but that was previous version of VRay. Could a contributing factor be that the only versions of VRay downloadable as trials through the Chaos Group are 32-bit, both 1.5 and the previous version? I know VRay is loaded into Rhino because I can select it as a renderer and I have the express toolbar, the yellow quality balls and the different size render bowl toolbars loaded on the main screen. My issues are as follows: 1. I can't override viewport size in VRay Options. When I check a larger size in VRay options it still renders to the size of the viewport, even though I have it checked. And I am always certain I have VRay selected as the renderer and not the default renderer. 2. VRay materials will not adhere to any objects I create. 3. When an object is selected and materials is then selected from the properties pull down bar and "plug-ins" is checked only "match..." can be clicked and not "browse," which would give access to VRay materials. 4. VRay materials do not appear in the VRay material editor either. Only two items appear: Materials List and Scene Materials below it. A rt click on Scene Materials gives the option to Load Materials. Do I need to load the VRay materials into the VRay Material Editor somehow? Have you seen any of these problems before?! If so, How did you fix them? I need to get these issues resolved.
  15. Hey everyone! Ive been trying to render a scene in Sketchup 8.0 using Vray (version 1.5 I think) that has a large water surface. Besides slowing down the render time significantly because of the reflections, I also get all sorts of weird lines and dark areas in the surface (check the attached image to see what I mean). The water surface is a single surface that is grouped. I tried creating a basic rectangle that cuts through the model at the same height, but I got weird spots near the edges where it meets the 'solid' model. Anyone ever had the same problem? Ive tried searching the net but couldnt find this issue yet. Any help will be much appreciated! http://www.debosdesign.nl/wp-content/uploads/093.jpg
  16. Guest

    V ray Render Help

    Hi, As I am new with Vray I need some help. My final image is too bright. I used these vray settings http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/9909/11333564.jpg This is my max file http://www.mediafire.com/?6snz9njoihc9wgj Please help!!!
  17. Hello, I have a problem with VRay renders in 3ds Max 10. I get black lines on the edges of my object. See links with my renders: [ATTACH=CONFIG]42203[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]42204[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]42205[/ATTACH] This problem doesn't appear when rendering with Mental Ray. I have to create realistic materials for stone objects for a course project in my university and I cannot get rid of these lines. This is a screen of my renderer settings:[ATTACH=CONFIG]42206[/ATTACH] Can you please help me? Thank you
  18. Studio/Institution: virtuak Client: Independent Architec Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max,vray,PS cs3 Website: http://virtuark.blogspot.com/ Description: Hi, this is an interior render, i hope you like it, best regards. http://virtuark.blogspot.com/ http://cursosdefotorrealismo.blogspot.com/
  19. Studio/Institution: propiopixel Client: alms arquitectos Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3ds max, vray, photoshop Website: http://www.propiopixel.com Description: Hi, this is my first post, is a recent job.
  20. Could someone tell me why the fine lines in this video flickers. I think its the AA but I've tried everything...well almost. I recently tried Detail Enhancement and that didnt work. Here are my settings Adaptive DMC AREA 1.5 Reinhard Subpixel Mapping checked Affect Background checked Adaptive Image Sampler: Min 1 Max100 Clr thresh .005 Use DMC sampler thresh unchecked Animation prepass then Animation render with Irradiance Map and Light cache following the directions here http://www.spot3d.com/vray/help/150SP1/tutorials_anim2.htm Irradiance map: min -3 max 0 Hsph subdivs 50 Interp samples 20 Clr thresh .2 Nrm thresh .2 Dist Thresh .9 Use camera path checked Light cache: subdivs: 2000 Sample size .02 Scale: screen (I tried world but I kept running out of ram) Filter: Nearest use camera path checked Interp Samples: 5 DMC Sampler: Adaptive amount .85 Noise Threshold: .001 Min Samples 20 Global subdivs multiplier 1.0 video here:
  21. Studio/Institution: Freelance Client: Home Project Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3DSMax2011/Vray Website: http://paulshewan.com/ Description: Hi, this was my first architectural piece a few months ago, I recently went back to it, hoping to get some better results with HDR lighting in Vray and I'm really happy with the result. Massive thanks to http://www.hdrlabs.com/sibl/archive.html for putting up some lovely HDR images, these were a massive help in finding a suitable lighting source, especially for those of us trying to break into the industry who can't afford to buy these yet. I'm pretty happy with the image but I know some tidy post processing beyond my simple settings could take it up a few notches, any advice would be massively appreciated. Cheers.
  22. Studio/Institution: Virtuark Studio Client: albero Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max 2009, vray 1.5 sp2, Photoshop CS, 20-20 Website: http://virtuark.blogspot.com Description: Hi, this is my last work, i hope you like it, comments welcome, greetings.
  23. Studio/Institution: Visual Studios Client: Private Genre: Commercial Interior Software: Autocad, 3dmax 2009, Vray 1.5 Website: http://www.wix.com/naeem3dmax/vs Description: Hostel Corridor
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