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Found 13 results

  1. hello guys i am having a problem with vray dirt.the vray dirt is being applied to the whole object instead of the corners..pls help!!! I am using vray dirt in vrayblendmtl as blend amount.
  2. Hi all, i finished a scen using 3ds max 2012 and Vray 2.2, for some reason i have to move the same scene to 3ds max 2104 and vray 2.31, what happened is all the materials are looks different (significantly less saturated), the gamma lut is disabled in both maxs. is there is any solution for that? Thanks in advance
  3. Hay all! Can anyone please help me with a modelling problem? I'm using 3dsMax to model, and I have an highpoly model of a bag that I want to hang in a closet, but I want to look at it and "feel" the gravity. I've tried to use cloth simulator but it just doesn't work with such a heavy poly. Does anyone have an idea how to go around this problem? Is there any max plugin that can help me? Thankx in advance.
  4. guys, i'm having this, like, enormous problem with max 2012. once in a while i import materials from some of my older scenes and projects, just to save time and trouble, and i never save changes i've made to material library. now, for some reason, at some point these scenes that i import materials from tend to get corrupted - i can't open them, nor can i import materials, objects ore any data from them at all . they are utterly destryed. and this had happened several times already, so i'm sure it is not just my imagination. does anybody have any information on this matter and is there solution for this problem. thanks
  5. Hi all!!!! I want to buy a laptop to work in 3ds Max 2012 (I know a Desktop always is better and I have a good one). I want it mostly for drawing 'cause for rendering I can use my desktop. The question is that in a range of prices below 2.500$ (preferably below 2.000$) I found these laptops: I appreciate any constructive comment or suggestion for other laptops. Thanks!!!!!
  6. Hi! I'm new here, so hopefully I'm not asking something for the 100th time (but I did try to search first). Story: * I did my modelling in Rhino and I imported everything (layer by layer) into 3ds max 2012. Using "ACIS" (.Sat) set to "Inventor". * I imported everything, without big problems. I set up a Matte/Shadow layer for the ground plane (which is a circle plane imported from rhino) and did some camera matching using this great tutorial ( ). * I have my 3d model in place, camera ready, I'm using "special purpose environment maps" for materials where I can find that tab in the material editor. The mapping is set to "Environment" and "Spherical environment". I want to render using Mental Ray. Problems: * My house is very "see-through" - it basically takes the image I want to place in the background and reflects it from the other side. * My windows often (but not always) look like there is nothing behind them but the photo. But actually I modeled the whole house including the back walls with windows on the other side. Could I have some geometry problem? Should I convert my geometry somehow? Would be really grateful for some tips!
  7. Hi every one! I'm working with a scene with 480,000 polygons and 3ds max is using a lot of RAM, 8 Gb, and makes crash during work. The 3ds max file is 45 mb. 3d was done with Rhino and i used Floor Generator and Multitexture in max. Has anyone encountered the same problem? How can I do because it is very difficult to work in this situation. I worked with the biggest scene, up to 20 million polygons and I had not this kind of problem. I have a PC with Core i7 960, 12GB Ram, ATI Radeon 5970.
  8. Studio/Institution: inspire studio. Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds Max, VRay, Photoshop Website: http://www.inspirestudios.in Description: Hello friends, this is my first post in this forum. Presently I am working on this "Studio House" project, its a personal learning project and I am trying to figure out ways of achieving realistic lighting through VRay. I hope you guys give me some suggestions and critics and help me understand the world of Lighting in CGI. ---- Thank you! Tanay Pathak
  9. I have recently started to use 3DS max Vray. I have used a sphere to glow. I used Vray light material and increased multiplier to 250. In the render setup, Vray DMC sampler, I increased the samples to 10. In Vray irradiance map, I increased Hsph. subdivisions to 100 and interp. samples to 500. Ambient onclusion is off. Still I am getting white patches on the floor where the glow falls. I want a smooth gradient on the floor. I have uploaded the render. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47390[/ATTACH] Canb you please guide me in improving it.
  10. Cannot change the colour of object in view port. It appears black with only the edges of the object taking on the chosen colour (pink) I haven't applied a material map to it and i don't wish to at this stage. Things I have tried: Using edit normals under editable mesh and flipping them and unify. Applying a different colour. Checking backface cull box in object properties. Weld vertices modifier. The annoying thing is that I have some objects in the scene displaying as expected and others like the one in the image displaying black and have continued modelling regardless. Please could someone help me fix this as I have trawled the internet and books to find a solution.
  11. Studio/Institution: BLT Architects Genre: Industrial Interior Software: 3ds max design 2012, Vray, Photoshop Description: I was reorganizing our warehouse directory, where we keep all our 3d assets as well as maps etc. Over the years we have bought and or model quite a bit of objects as well as custom maps. However, due to deadlines, no one ever took the time to organize it. I was annoyed at how long it was taking to copy files from one server to another and then realized that it would take much much longer if these were the "real" objects. So this was idea taken from the point of "what if the warehouse directory was a real space with random objects lying around waiting to be merged or imported".
  12. Studio/Institution: Marcombe emmanuel Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max 2012, vray 2.0, photoshop cs5 Website: http://www.marcombe-emmanuel-infographie.fr Description: Personal project
  13. Hello, I have been using Distributed rendering for 2 months now, I have 7 render machines on the network, all works fine but Im working on this project where i have a problem only 2 machines don't render properly, it leaves dark or it doesn't render the correct colour!! I tried to render with the faulty render machines localy the same project it renders fine, but when i use the destrebuted rendering it gets messy.. I have re-installed V-ray and nothing changed! Kindly find the attached 2 image to understand the issue. Many thanks, Elias
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