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Found 11 results

  1. I get weird renderings with "render to texture" when VRayDisplacementMod is on. Can anyone hint to why that can happen? Vray 3.6 (image at the bottom is without VRayDisplacementMod)
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm currently doing some RND for a couple of upcoming projects, basically its a bunch of exterior renders of various houses/vistas and whatnot. Most of these house will have wood-panel-walls, and I thought "Great, lets use displacement!", and the tests i have done have worked out pretty nicely, eeeeexcept around the holes around whats going to be the windows/doors. As you can see from the rather crude test-render i cobbled up just now, the border around the hole gets displaced as well as the rest of the geometry, leaving nasty holes where the "panels" should cap off. I would much rather that they behaved like the displacement that I've circled blue. I totally get why the displacement is behaving this way, in any other situation I would have been confounded if it had not. And yes, there are workarounds that are perfectly doable, adding/extruding geometries around these holes or even just masking out the holes with a separete texture map. But for various reasons I would prefer a solution that didn't involved to much manual tinkering with the geometry, or additional maps. Is this a lost cause or is there some magical button/ modifier/ whatever?
  3. Hi All, I'm a real beginner, so this will probably be an easy one. Having linked a Revit model into 3ds Max, I'm now applying textures and adding lighting etc. Currently I'm trying to add a corrugated metal cladding finish to the building. I'm working with a painted metal diffuse map and a sine wave-esque displacement map I created using gradient in photoshop. The problem makes itself apparent when rendering, the material seems to apply differently to polygons within the face, and not the face itself, leading to strange interference-ey effects (see attached image 1). Help much appreciated, thanks. Chris M
  4. Hey guys, Recently started tackling V-Ray. Curious about displacement maps. I'm trying to add texture to a rendered-brick-esque material through displacement and bump maps. I'm using the stock 3ds max stucco map for both. However when I do, it seems the faces are actually displaced from the surface, leaving gaps where connected edges should be. I'm trying to do this without the DisplacementMod (which I know works with Keep Continuity) as I don't want the whole geometry displaced, just certain faces with the respective material. Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks EDIT: I'm referring to the darker texture, admittedly the gaps are subtle in this example, but they're there!
  5. hi im new in here i need your help, my english is not so good but ill try to make my point clear, im having problems with the grass when i use the displacement, the displacement occurs on both faces of the plane, i neeed to know why and how to fix it, it lifts the plane too, please someone help me here u can see what its happening :
  6. Hello cgarchitect community! I am somewhat desperate for better performance by Vray 2.0 for Sketchup on my work computer. My biggest problem is displacement. If the model is the least bit complex and displacement is on for any materials, I end up with a render that crawls at a glacial pace until a bug splat. This happens pretty much every time. I have listed my machine's stats below. Any suggestions you may have for changes in hardware or settings that would improve vray performance would be greatly appreciated. I have tried many displacement and quality settings, and it does not seem to make a difference. Dell Precision T3600 Intel Xeon CPU E5-1607 0 @ 3.00GHz 32.0 GB RAM Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit AMD FirePro V5900 (FireGL V) SketchUp 2013 (same performance with SketchUp 8) Vray 2.0 for Sketchup Thank you!
  7. Hi! We have a set of two tutorials covering displacement basics, enjoy 1. V-Ray displacement basics - part 1 2. V-Ray displacement basics - part 2
  8. Hi everyone. Have a bit of a problem: I modelled a sofa in Max, and used VRay Displacement Mod on it. Then noticed that a VRay proxy doesn't retain displacement info., so I XRefed it into my main scene. No problems there. I then modelled a bar stool, and I'm using VRay Displacement Mod on that. However, when I XRef it into my main scene, the displacement is gone. I've tried XRefing it into a blank scene, and it's the same: no displacement. It seems that the only way I can get the displacement to stick is if I merge it into the scene. What gives? All maps seem to be referenced correctly, with UNC paths. If I've left-out any info., please ask and I'll clarify.
  9. Morning Archies, I recently received a new computer for rendering from my office. It is an amazing maching with 12 cpus and oodles of RAM. It does an amazing job of creating renders at blinding speed, that is, unless I use the vray displacement mod. The second I use any displacement, suddenly I am leaving a render overnight and coming back to 100 hours remaining. What setting can I adjust in order to make the displacement render faster? There has got to be a fix!!! (using Max 2011 and Vray's most recent release.) Thank you so much
  10. Studio/Institution: DIA Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3dstudio max 2009,vray 1.5 sp5,multiscatter Description: [ATTACH=CONFIG]39314[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]39315[/ATTACH] I wanted to show you my latest creation that i did for the Brix (by Materialwerk) challange in RonenBekermans forum. http://www.ronenbekerman.com/forums/minichallenges/ I have used Brix to generate the Pattern on the house and also on the concrete wall. /DIA
  11. Hi, Is there a way to override globally in Vray settng all materials with another (VrayDirt) to create semi ambient occlusion pass ... ( sure can do) BUT ... keep all the mtrl displacement maps so Dirt would be calculated in those fine, narrow, complex forms? Thank You.
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