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Found 10 results

  1. Please i am finding it difficult to achieve great shadow with HDRI sky, and also realistic rendering using vray sun alone,without affecting the diffuse of object in the scene. So i will like to know how best to combine both to achieve great shadow and realism.
  2. Hi, Whilst following lighting tutorials for interior scenes, I have noticed that some people use vRay Sun whilst others prefer vRay Dome. My questions are, is this just a personal preference to lighting choice? Can same results be achieved by either light? Are there advantages/disadvantages between the two? Many thanks.
  3. Hi all, I'm starting to learn vRay but keep coming across the same issue when lighting with the vRay Sun. I have attached images of the over exposed area around the window frames which have a white colour applied. I have tried to lower the suns intensity and increase brightness in physical camera to compensate... but always come to the same results. The only way I've found a way around this is to apply a grey colour to the window frame... which the sun then exposes as white... but this is a cheats way and doesn't actually solve my issue. Working in Maya Settings are > Color Mapping: Exponential Linear Workflow Phy Cam > F-number: 5.6 Shutter: 100 ISO: 800 vRay Sun settings are default. Any pointers on what it is I'm doing wrong? Thanks for looking P.S: Maya Scene File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vgve8xf24ip1gfl/Bedroom%20kel%202.ma.zip?dl=0
  4. Hi I have problem with vray. I want to enlighten the scene on the roof of my building. I've used the vray sun. But it doesn't look properly. As you can see I have something grey on the sky and it ruins my renders. I've tried everything to make it better. I've deleted the light and put it again. But everytime is the same. Maybe you know some other way to enlight this scene except using vray sun or how to use another enviroment map with this light. Please help me.
  5. Hi I created a dome light with hdri map and rendered the scene and everything was ok. Then I added a sun for getting better shadows but it didn't change the lightning at all ! I even Increased sun Intense. Mult. but it didn't make any difference. I watched alot of tutorials about adding vray sun with hdri sky but I don't know the problem. What could be the problem ?
  6. nkhn

    Vray sun & camera

    Has anybody used either the sun or the camera? Are there ANY benefits to it as opposed to Max defaults? Ive tried using vray phycamera & it took me double the time to render than it takes normally with max default camera. I did not notice any improvement in the picture & the camera felt very clumsy to handle. It was the same with the sun. Can anybody give me any tutorials that explain how to use these or at least some reason to use these?
  7. Hello i have created a tutorial for those who have problems with vray, this is nice tut and i show to setup lights, render, camera and more, please feel free to check it out This is an image from the tutorial [ATTACH=CONFIG]42912[/ATTACH] and click here for to see the tutorial
  8. Hi All, I have a question regarding using using VRay's VRaySun and VRaySky system versus using an HDRI in the environment and reflection (and refraction if need be) slots. Several people have told me that I would get more consistant results and better control using the VRaySun/Sky option than if i choose my own HDRI. In essence, they are saying that using HDRI is obsolete, as the procedural VRay system can do all that HDRI does and more. I have found the opposite, however- after I set up the VRaySun/Sky system, I like to choose my own spherical HDRI from a collection. I find that the images are more subtle and vibrant. It takes a lot more tweaking and trial and error, but I find that a good HDRI can really make an exterior scene "pop". Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Perhaps I am just of an "old school" VRay sentiment- in this case, Old School being because I learned from the Gnomen lighting tutorials (pre-VRay Sun/Sky) and it's always worked well for me. Thanks! Senrikyu
  9. Hi, am posting a test render from one of my ongoing animation project. as you can see in the attached render, the mulllions and white partition between the glass panel is not coming well as continious line. i tried using better sampleing and also rendered them at 1200 resolution, but, most of the time and in camera angle they are coming as broken line. can anyone tell me what exactly the problem here. i have the reflection/refraction for the glass object set to a high value. am using 3dsmax9 with vray 1.5 rc3 and used vray sun with vray sky in this scene setup along with standard 3dsmax camera. thanks for any help
  10. i have been working on a pretty intense zoo animation that is located in southern CA....i think its looking pretty good, but im open to ideas and advice. for instance maybe hazing out the background a bit? i tried messing with some fog and volume lighting, but had no success. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am using vray, with a vray sun and vray physical camera.
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