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Found 13 results

  1. Attention all Architectural Visualization professionals. Is anyone using a design visualization application that inherently understands how to deal with "interactive" Revit geometry, such as on/off lighting, moving furniture/objects, and swinging doors/cabinet doors, without the need for extra work in a game engine? Are you able to walk through your space in VR or on your laptop and interact with everything in that space as if you were actually there, straight out of Revit? So, I have two questions for you: 1. Are you using such a tool? 2. If you had a tool like that, would you use it with your clients? I would love to hear your thoughts! This feels like an untapped area of design viz that the major players (Autodesk, etc.) are missing out on.
  2. Video Link : http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2022/02/unreal-engine-real-time-rendering-app.html My real-time interactive Application was born out of the necessity to reduce the production costs and time in half or more, by enabling users to instantly render and email the final high resolution images (1080 pixels, 4k pixels or 8k pixels) with a click of a button, from a mobile phone or a desktop computer, without the need of a high spec machine and/or graphics cards, if desired. This App is ideal for any industry using 3d products, Interior and Exterior 3d scenes. To handle any complex 3d scene (Gigabytes or Terabytes of data) the App uses pixel streaming technology in conjunction with AWS cloud service. Alternatively, users can also choose a local powerful computer, if desired. The app can easily be implemented on a website to be accessed by any number of users simultaneously. Below is a list of its main features: 1-Existing 3d model/s can easily be integrated into the App. Alternatively, I can quickly integrate the 3d models for users and/or companies. Once the 3d product/s are quickly integrated, users can instantly generate thousands of renders a day with a click of a button, in addition to countless other options, as seen in the video demonstration. 2-There are four pre-set camera angles. Users can create, save and edit up to four new additional camera angles from the current dropdown list. 3- Users can take screen shots/renders instantly and email to anyone. Essentially, take thousands of high-resolution renders per hour, from a variety of different angles and lighting with a simple click of a button (as seen in the video). 4- Users have multiple high-end render sizes to choose from ( 1080 pixels, 4K pixels and 8k pixels ). 5- Users have multiple scenes with and without background. 6- Users have multiple light options/functionalities. 7- Users have multiple product types to choose from. 8- Users can launch the App from a Desktop computer, or a Mobile phone using AWS cloud systems. Cloud systems provide users with the unique ability to Not have to rely on graphics cards or a local computer. 9- Users can easily integrate this App into a website. Alternatively, simply publish the App via a URL link, or an EXE file, for internal use, and/or for clients/customers . 10- Users from industries such as the Real Estate, Product Design, Interiors, Furniture, Appliances, Clothing, Sports and many others can save hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, every year in renderings and animations. For more information and integration, please DM me on, jamiecardo@hotmail.com Kind Regards Jamie
  3. Hello everyone, im Andy, Vietnamese 3D Artist This is my Apps build for Android support making Presentation or Sales purpose Feel free to let me know your opinion! Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dKpD-Z7fr0&list=PLzYXkmD2W69uvkbIUZ09rYF7jUValSAu4&index=12 CH Play Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.YourCompany.DuAnMau_4_Mobile Hope u will like it
  4. This is an arcvhiz project that i recently made in UE4, let me know what you guys think:
  5. Hey Guys, Last 2 years we developed Virtual architecture museum app. It is free for all people, available for many devices and promote unrealized great architectural project. We are not making money with this project. We done it for all people. Project become best European mobile app about museums http://heritageinmotion.eu/?p=7546 You can download it here free vma.vizerra.pro We are working hard to make this app well known and promote architecture as a part of world cultural heritage.
  6. Studio/Institution: Me Client: This is sample projest Genre: Other Software: 3dsmax,Unreal Engine 4 Website: http://https://www.behance.net/tuidle Description: This is my interactive realtime visualization project.Using Unreal engine4. Any comment are good for me. Thank you
  7. Guest

    Hello from UK!

    Hello CGArchitect My name is Gedi and I represent a 3D graphic design company based in East London. We are best at creating 3D architectural and interactive visualizations. Our main graphic designer has 10 years of experience in the industry. We make: - 3D Unreal Engine Interactive Presentations. - 3D Architectural Videos. - 3D Characters. - Unity 3D Interactive Applications and Mobile Applications. - 3D Exterior Visualizations. - 3D/2D Floor Plan Visualizations. - 3D Interior Visualizations. - 3D Furniture Visualizations. - 3D Catalogues. - 3D Industrial Product Visualizations. - 360 Degrees Panoramas. We use: - 3DS Max. - Zbrush. - Vray. - Unity 3D. - Unreal Engine. - Adobe Suite. Our work is based on freelance rates. We are looking to expand, network and provide help within 3D visualizations. Our portfolio: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xFpQtx1q3oA8wB2SJCivDkbShTwP50lcx92cNsZuCYQ/edit Our website: www.cfdstudios.co.uk We look forward to being a part of the CGArchitect forum.
  8. I'm pretty interested about what the architect community think about CL3VER and if it answer the need of an interactive 3D presentation tool in the architecture industry.
  9. Hey Guys, Fairly recently I released an update that added Oculus support, I posted this on r/Oculus and it got quite a bit of love, so I thought you guys might appreciate it as well. At the moment I'm working on getting some even tighter controls in it, but if anyone has any feedback that would be awesome. http://www.realis3d.com/download-now Hope you enjoy, Cheers.
  10. Hi, I'm not sure if what I'm going to ask is possible or not but here goes… I'm looking to create a rendered image that is fully interactive in a viewing sense… i.e: it can be rotated like just as you can rotate a model in sketch up and zoom / possibly pan etc… The idea is to be able to use these on a website to fully display products. Please let me know if this is at all possible even if very tricky, i don't mind a challenge! One other thing whilst I'm here… I would also like to be able to create renders that you can animate on touch i.e: click on doors and they open (all rendered). Yet again I realise that these things are a bit ambitious but if you know anything about any of this then your comment would really be appreciated!! Cheers Matt
  11. Helloo, I need to do an animation of a project which is basically something like a 'living' membrane/ street installation/flat surface placed on the street where people will pass through and it will light up gradually and move accordingly to people's movement up and down.. What kind of software shall I use? So far I tried to do it using print screens on photoshop but failed. Do you think adding it to3ds Max would be easier than using after effects? I just need a still camera showing the street and this surface and people/lighting/model's movement. Any suggestions? Thanks Eleni
  12. Hi There, The latest 2.5 update of Maxwell Render includes an interactive preview render engine integrated into Max via the Maxwell Plug-in. It seems pretty similar to Vray RT though with Maxwell it is CPU only therefore you are not limited by your GPU's RAM. I have loaded rather large scenes in the millions of polys with 4K textures etc and it seems pretty solid. I just posted a few videos walking through some of the features and it's performance under different conditions if anyone is interested.
  13. hi, my name is Phillip Trotter - I am the Director of Product Managent at Esperient Corporation - developers of Esperient Creator. We have a number of architects and arch viz teams using our software and I would like to ask the CGArchitect community - what challenges you see in adopting real time 3D into your workflows? What barriers for adoption have you come across - cost? deployment?, technology, bad sofware workflows? data challenges? What have you found that works for you and what doesn't? How can your current practises improve. If you don't use real time - why not? What are the business drivers for and against using interactive real time tools or which types of tool best fit your workflows. Obviously I work for a tools vendor but I'm really not looking to start an our software is better than x hype discussion (or hype our own software). I'd much rather discuss industry challenges and look at discussions on workflow, practises, business challenges and what you would like to see happen to make it easier to adopt real time viz. I'm hoping I can add info based on some of things we are discovering and hopefully build a discussion thread which is beneficial for everyone I look forward to reading your thoughts, comments and feedback. cheers Phillip
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