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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I've been something like a year and a half learning and practicing self-taught in my spare time, and I would like to know the opinion of the archviz professionals, from your criteria and experience, about what possibilities I would have to find a job in this area if I started looking for it right now, given the following factors: 1. I don't have any artistic or technical background of any kind, like it could be: drawing, design, architecture, photography, interior design, etc. 2. The programs I have used (and my level in them) in my projects are: 3ds max + vray: These are the ones that I better handle. Lumion 6: But most probably I will switch to Twinmotion 2018. I like it more. Photoshop: At a very basic level. I only use it to create ceramic textures of walls and floors, done from a single downloaded or given image (tile), to crop images, to create simple bumps/reflection maps, and for modify the contrast and brightness of the final renders. Marvelous designer: only in order to create blankets and towels falling on objects. Inpaint: In order to erase watermarks on textures Pixplant: In order to create big textures from tiny ones automaticaly. 3. I know the basics of the 3d CG objects, as well as the basic commands, but I barely know how to model anything from scratch, beyond architectural structures and very simple furniture (made out of boxes with simple chamfers), booleans, and simple objects made out of splines (objects made with the lathe modifier, for example). All minimally complex objects that my projects include have been downloaded. 4. I am able to make basic materials (with diffuse, bump and reflection maps, sometimes displacement), but always with downloaded or given textures. Usually I use material libraries, sometimes modifiying something in them. 5. I consider my level of vray ilumination minimally acceptable, although I don't know if it would be acceptable in a professional level. 6. My "work experience" consist, on one side, in two projects (interior renders) for a ceramic tile company, in wich the ceramic textures were given to me by them. On the other hand, I made the archviz of a reform of a kitchen, for a particular person. Especially I am interested in your opinion about the need of advanced modeling knowledge. Is it really a must nowadays in archviz, having on the internet so many models for free or very cheap?
  2. Guest

    Looking for a job

    Hey all, I recently completed my small portfolio and am currently looking for a freelance type of job in (architecture) 3D visualizations, if you're interested to work with me, then please contact me on my e-mail fico97@windowslive.com Here's my portfolio: https://www.behance.net/fico976939
  3. Hi fellow Architects and CG Artists,my name is Michael Gichure and I'm an artist as well. Reason as to why I'm writing this is coz Kenya is a very rich country in terms of the 3D Animation Industry as a whole. There are a few animators who have come up and done big jobs however much their work isn't as good as the work I see most guys showcasing here in cgarchitect. I have been doing Visualization for atleast two years now,and I must say that's the area I feel comfortable in,one problem though is that for the past 5months or so I haven't practiced any 3D,why,no machine. A good 3D machine costs what,around Ksh100,000 that's approximately $1200 or even more. I'd like to kindly request anyone out there who would feel kind enough to support my dream of having this one machine so that I can build up my empire slowly or even go ahead and put up a fully functional 3D studio right here in Nairobi Kenya. I will not say much,this is my email address : mikegichure@gmail.com Hit me up, Cheers. Michael Gichure.
  4. Hi all, May I ask for help and tips from Australian artist, arch-viz artist or anyone within architectural field working in Australia. I'm an architectural designer from Hong Kong/Norway and going to relocate to Perth in July. I've tried looking for jobs through agency (hays.com.au) and seek.com.au but so far no luck as they all require 5+ years experience, even as a draftsman. Anyone here could provide me insight and info please? It seems like Perth doesn't have that big market when it comes to Arch-viz or is it simply because the market is already full? Not that I can't do other jobs but I've finally set half my foot into this field I'd like to continue my career as Arch-Viz artist. I've checked Danil's thread (http://forums.cgarchitect.com/26864-2-all-australian-i-need-your-help-4.html), Carl's thread (http://forums.cgarchitect.com/27820-archiviz-jobs-australia.html) and Daniel's thread (http://forums.cgarchitect.com/13733-vis-australia-wa.html) regarding jobs in Aust, Perth. But those are relatively really old threads.. Also I've checked Thomas' thread about listing studios but there are only 2 available. I've tried contact those companies but still no reply. I consider myself a excellent 3DS Max user having experience in viz and animation, also experience in drafting with AutoCAD, Revit and more. Well that's my job as architectural designer in Hong Kong right now. I'm currently leading a team of 4 but not really titled as senior because I don't have xx years experience required to acquire that title?
  5. How do you describe what you do for a living? When I meet Architects I say I create 3D Computer Renderings. 99.9% of them understand what I do. However the general public (family, neighbor, etc.) rarely understand and I get blank stares. I’ve tried modifying my approach to see if I get better recognition… I’ve said I do: Architectural Illustrations, 3D Illustrations, 3D Renderings, and called myself a 3D Digital Artist. I still get deer in the headlight responses. At which time I have to use my ‘elevator pitch’ to describe what I do. Do you have any good titles, or short descriptions that folks instantly understand what you do for a living? Also, do you think our industry is old enough for folks to really know what we do without an explanation?
  6. I have been having this in my mind for quite a while now, and i finally decided to give a shout out to other people in the industry. From the last 1.5 years, i have been working in a architectural visualisation company in czech republic called visualarch. From a few months, i was thinking of sending my portfolios around other parts of europe or UK, and apply to the job posts around. What i am not sure of, is how much would be the average pay for a mid/senior level visualartist in one of the companies you usually find around the jobs board. Also, if someone could point out the standard cost of living in say, london or manchester or munich etc, it would be very helpful. Do you think it is a better idea to approach comapnies around europe or go back to india and establish a setup there ( i came to prague to do my masters, and stayed with the job here). Hope i can get a few doubts cleared! Cheers
  7. Hello Everyone, I want to write my CV. I want it to be impressive. I am so bad in writing english. Can anyone help me in writing CV or share your CV templates. I want to reference. Especially, I want to apply Architectural 3D Visualizer post. I am waiting for your help:confused:. Thank you
  8. Hi, I have a few renderings - interior and exterior, that need to be done in a week. I can provide you with the 3d model. Please forward me your portfolio and we will take it from there.
  9. Hey Everyone, I’m just looking for a little advice before I make a big decision. Basically, I’ve recently finished my architecture degree (part 1) and am struggling to find a job. So after a year of frustrating job searching I’ve decided to do a masters degree in architectural visualisation at Kent University, as I find modelling and rendering in 3Ds max the most enjoyable part of architecture. The problem is, the course is very expensive and I will have to pay up front, so I need to know if this would become a worthwhile venture. I’ve been searching around to see if “Architectural Visualiser” is a legitimate and rewarding job, and this website seems like the best place to ask this. I would gladly pay the expensive course fees, just as long as I can be sure that the industry for this is prosperous and I would be in demand. I really want a stable job at the end of this.... is architectural visualisation going to provide the goods, and be worth the costs? I should stress I already know somewhat about Rendering/ modelling with VRay, using HDRI’s and materials etc, with a year’s guidance, I think I could be very good at this. But is it going to lead to an uphill struggle? Is it a freelance only gig, or are there stable office type jobs for this? THX a lot, a speedy response would be appreciated as I have to start the course soon lol
  10. So recently I have been getting a decent amount of Freelance offers and need some help! I need to make a contract and know enough to start one, but wanted to hear from anyone here that has made one if there are any tips you have or a template you followed or anything! Thanks!
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