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  1. Hi, I am happy to announce the release of my new Arch Essentials kit for modo 10, 11 and 12 series. Arch Essentials gives you two kits for one fabulously low price, - The mARCH Classics Kit comprises 5 re-mastered plugins from the popular mARCH Kit for modo. - The Window Maker Kit includes 3 new highly adjustable window generators, an alignment helper and 3d models. This kit is not just limited to arch-viz type work, though. Tools like poly-sweep, mesh-align, select-by-height/normal can be used for more general tasks in modo and are real time-savers. The kit is available now for just £20 ($26). Show me » Regards, -neil
  2. Hi, I am pleased to announce the release of my new Window Maker Kit for the Foundry's MODO application. The Window Maker Kit comprises of 3 highly versatile, procedural-based, C++ plugins that can be used to generate a huge array of casement, fixed-light, double-hung and sliding window designs. For more details, please visit https://www.thethirdguild.com/ Regards, -neil
  3. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you all know about a new free tutorial series I'm working on called MODO with Max. If you're like me, you use Max and lots of other different tools to do your work. If you have need to, or have just been wanting to try MODO in conjunction with your Max projects, then these videos are for you. Only the first few vids are up right now, but I have several more in the pipeline. The later videos will deal more with shifting data between the packages so stay tuned! I hope you find them useful. Tony S.
  4. Hello Everyone, I am starting up a new practice and at this point simply cannot justify the cost of 3DS Max + Vray (and that stupid dongle doesn’t help either) which is what I use on a day to day basis now. I am very interested in using Modo, and I am wondering if anyone here has any thoughts or experience with Modo as an (almost) one stop visualization shop for architecture? I would probably still use rhino for my base modelling, but quite interested in, rendering, texturing, animation, etc. has anyone run into any major issues after the 701 release? Stability, bugs, support, etc? Also does anyone have any examples of great visualization using modo? Any thoughts or alternatives would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  5. Hi guys, I've a few questions and I hope you'll help me make final decision. First things first. My wife makes first steps in interior design using ArchiCAD (edu license for now) and I need something to be helpful in modelling objects for her. Every time she needs specific model/object she has to find it online or create it herself using ArchiCAD. This software has some modeling tools, but they are very basic and IMHO not efficient, so it's huge waste of time. That's why I came up with idea of helping her by using different tool for modeling and rendering. I'm not new in CGI, but I haven't used any 3D software for almost 10 years. A decade ago I used 3ds and rhino (just for fun). So, as I said, I think I might need a nice tool for object modelling. Is Modo the one I should think of? I also consider Modo as a good rendering engine. As everyone knows most ArchiCAD owners use Artlantis for rendering purposes. In my opinion it's too simple, however it might be a good choice for people like my wife. Is it a good idea to use ArchiCAD + Modo? Or maybe it would be better to buy upcoming Artlantis 5? It's really simple and made mainly for CAD users, however if I had to spend money on separate rendering engine I'd choose Maxwell Render (v3 to be released soon). I know there's a lot of questions, but I'd like to make a decision and move on. One last thing, what is the best way to share (import/export) files between ArchiCAD and Modo? Is there any hope for good cooperation between those two applications?
  6. Here´s my latest scene with Modo 601. It´s an imported scene from sketchup. I hope you like it.
  7. MOGA2012 - modo gathering This will be the second time I organize this modo-special event. (Last year it was called EUME2011) We'll have several experts giving a whole day of masterclasses, showing the use of modo in all kinds of fields, Movie, Advertisement, Product visualisation and of course Architectural visualisation! The event is in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands, in an english pub.. interested? Take a look at http://www.modogathering.com or like us at http://www.facebook.com/modogathering or even follow us at http://www.twitter.com/modogathering Or just register at http://www.modogathering.com/register Looking forward to meet you there! Stefan Twigt
  8. Hi, i'm architect student and i'm familiar with 3ds max and sketchup, is it worthing to put my time for learning modo for archviz?
  9. Hi all, This is my first post so here goes hehe... I am attatching two images (600x600px) The first one was created in modo. It is a simple scene -> 1 camera , 1 directional light , 1 plane. the plane is a basic material but with 3 procedural noise/cellular maps which are applied as displacement maps with gradients masking and blending each other one (of the layers) out. literally created in ten minutes. I was amazed by how easy it is to create such a deep effect. The second image is my attempt to do it in 3ds 2012/vray 2.0 again same setup 1 light,1 plane, 1 camera. I was having a bit of trouble so I am just going for the First layer of cracks in the wall for now. basic vray material. I apply, VrayDisplacementMod, 2d mapping, set displacement depth and render. Now, what I notice: The quality and speed is so much lower with vray surprisingly. I am sure I am doing something wrong. (Btw I also tried playing around with different GI settings etc.) for one, in the vray version, there are many artifacts visible, and this is at the minimum after i bumped up texture sampling resolutions etc... especially if i zoom in the quality gets lower (does this have to do something with the quality of the base procedural cellular map?) second, in modo rendering time is 36 seconds. in vray 7 Minutes ! I am also sharing the 3ds scene , and vray settings if someone could help ? The reason i am interested in using vray is because I like the high quality of the outdoor renderings and I would like to use such a material for an architectural project I am working on ... Any comment would be highly apprecieted. Thanks !
  10. Studio/Institution: VirtualGFX Genre: Institution Software: Modo501 Description: This is small project that I just finished for a fundraiser. It is a gym locker room for a Greek Catholic school in Chicago IL. Modo 501, CADbuddy and Photoshop were used in the completion of this project. I hope that you like it. -E [ATTACH=CONFIG]47121[/ATTACH]
  11. Rendering and photomontage done for Bridgestone Firestone. Modo501, CADBuddy, Onyx Trees, Dosch3D, and Photoshop. 3D Rendering Photomontage
  12. Studio/Institution: N/A Client: Kohl's Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: Modo 501 Description: This project was particularly challenging. The client had a hard time choosing one design scheme; we developed 10 different design options. Working with Modo and CADBuddy really helped me speed up all design changes down to a couple of hours per option. Modo 501, CADBuddy, Onyxtree and Photoshop.
  13. Studio/Institution: N/A Client: Brunswick Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: Modo 501 Description: This Rendering was created for Brunswick's ground opening ceremony for the city in Colorado Springs, CO. Modo 501, CADBuddy, Onyxtree, Dosch3D and Photoshop were used in the completion of this illustration.
  14. Studio/Institution: N/A Client: CBL/Ross Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: Modo 501 Description: Commercial Exterior rendering for CBL/Ross. Modo501+CADBuddy and Photoshop were used in the completion of this rendering.
  15. Studio/Institution: N/A Client: Petsmart Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: Modo 501 Description: Modo 501+CADBuddy, Onyxtree, and Photoshop.
  16. I am happy to announce the release of the second tutorial volume from VirtualGFX: Google SketchUp Pro – Best Practices: Modeling techniques for exporting to Modo and other 3D software. I will answer any questions that you might have in this thread. Thank you for watching and I hope that you enjoy and learn from this tutorial. Best regards, Ernesto http://vimeo.com/album/1644308
  17. Studio/Institution: N/A Client: Petsmart Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: Modo 501 Description: Early evening rendering. Modo 501 , OnyxTree, CADBuddy, and Photoshop were used in the completion of this project.
  18. Studio/Institution: N/A Client: Brunswick Genre: Commercial Interior Software: Modo 501, CADBuddy, Photoshop Description: Proposed interior space for Brunswick Bowling. Modo 501, CADBuddy, and Photoshop.
  19. Studio/Institution: N/A Client: Bridgestone Firestone Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: Modo 501 Description: Tire Plus, KS building and site rendering.
  20. Studio/Institution: N/A Genre: Retail Exterior Software: Modo Description: Commercial Retail Exterior modeled and rendered using Modo 501 and edited in Photoshop.
  21. Studio/Institution: Private Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: Modo, Maxwell Render, Photoshop Description: Here is a job i just completed.
  22. Studio/Institution: Kenny Syverson Client: For Me Genre: Other Software: Archicad-Modo-Maxwell Render Description: Would love to hear from you guy's. Thanks kenny
  23. Playdo

    VRay Standalone?

    I haven't found much information on what, exactly, VRay standalone is. Is it a totally separated rendering program to import the models into, and if so, where do the materials, lighting, get set up? I'm interested in knowing, as there seems to be no plugins, if you can model in modo/silo and then simply export the model into VRay as a separate program for rendering.
  24. Hi, does anyone knows about any web or site to share or get modo materials, like the one of vray?, or by any chance some way to convert vray materials to modo materials ?. I've been searching for it for a while and the only thing i find is luxology page .. could it be that there isn't a place to share our materials ?
  25. Hello everyone! This is my latest Archviz work done in Modo 401. It's lit with Physical Daylight coming trough windows from the left and also a HDRI-map. Global Illumination with lots of bounces and high settings. Also 4 IES lights in the back. Extensive use of self-made digitally-shot textures. Hope you like it! C&C WELCOME. Anyway, have a great 3D-time! Bye.
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