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  1. Hi Everyone, I hope this post finds you well. This is the latest property development I was fortunate enough to have been a part of, and wanted to share the final results. The main brief was to help sell the development off the 2d DWG plans/drawings before construction, by creating a series of 3d marketing images that captured the building's true essence and design ( interior and exterior). My work involved picking the materials, furniture, design and 3d render the space in a way it would be appealing to potential buyers. I have used 3ds Max and V-Ray to create the initial still images. Later, I have developed an interactive App in Unreal Engine, for potential buyers to customise the interior of their apartments. For more information, please google: jamie cardoso Kind Regards Jamie
  2. Hello World, I am Jasmine @ Imagist3ds architecture visualization studio. If you are have architectural designs that needs 3D visualization services, please email to tell us your detailed request. If you are 3D visualizers like us and would like to talk, please also don't hesitate to discuss with us. Contact: Jasmine; Email: support@imagist3ds.com' Company: Imagist3ds Architectural Visualization Studio Website: https://imagist3ds.com/
  3. Video Link : http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2022/02/unreal-engine-real-time-rendering-app.html My real-time interactive Application was born out of the necessity to reduce the production costs and time in half or more, by enabling users to instantly render and email the final high resolution images (1080 pixels, 4k pixels or 8k pixels) with a click of a button, from a mobile phone or a desktop computer, without the need of a high spec machine and/or graphics cards, if desired. This App is ideal for any industry using 3d products, Interior and Exterior 3d scenes. To handle any complex 3d scene (Gigabytes or Terabytes of data) the App uses pixel streaming technology in conjunction with AWS cloud service. Alternatively, users can also choose a local powerful computer, if desired. The app can easily be implemented on a website to be accessed by any number of users simultaneously. Below is a list of its main features: 1-Existing 3d model/s can easily be integrated into the App. Alternatively, I can quickly integrate the 3d models for users and/or companies. Once the 3d product/s are quickly integrated, users can instantly generate thousands of renders a day with a click of a button, in addition to countless other options, as seen in the video demonstration. 2-There are four pre-set camera angles. Users can create, save and edit up to four new additional camera angles from the current dropdown list. 3- Users can take screen shots/renders instantly and email to anyone. Essentially, take thousands of high-resolution renders per hour, from a variety of different angles and lighting with a simple click of a button (as seen in the video). 4- Users have multiple high-end render sizes to choose from ( 1080 pixels, 4K pixels and 8k pixels ). 5- Users have multiple scenes with and without background. 6- Users have multiple light options/functionalities. 7- Users have multiple product types to choose from. 8- Users can launch the App from a Desktop computer, or a Mobile phone using AWS cloud systems. Cloud systems provide users with the unique ability to Not have to rely on graphics cards or a local computer. 9- Users can easily integrate this App into a website. Alternatively, simply publish the App via a URL link, or an EXE file, for internal use, and/or for clients/customers . 10- Users from industries such as the Real Estate, Product Design, Interiors, Furniture, Appliances, Clothing, Sports and many others can save hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, every year in renderings and animations. For more information and integration, please DM me on, jamiecardo@hotmail.com Kind Regards Jamie
  4. Hello, I run the Belgian 3D rendering agency nofuss which provides bespoke visualization services for architectural designers. Find out more about nofuss, take a look at our architectural 3D visualization work gallery or get in touch with nofuss.
  5. Hi Everyone,? This Interior Design 3d render is one of the twelve I have recently created for a client, using 3ds Max, V-Ray 5 and Photoshop. The main brief for this specific shot was to frame it in such a way that the main focus would be in capturing the physical properties of key materials such as the leather, the wood finish and the reflective graphic wall reacting to the custom artificial light fixtures. The next phase of this project is to create more of these spaces in Unreal Engine with an App I'm currently developing, to host interior designs in my AWS server (using pixel streaming), to ultimately provide the client with the full flexibility to navigate the scene, view it from any angle, and instantly take as many high resolution renders as desired, at their own time and leisure, while using devices such a mobile phone, an iPad or a low spec computer from 1994 . If/when allowed, I'll be able to create a quick tutorial depicting the process of creating this specific 3d shot. I really hope you like the above interior design render. P.S: Take care and Stay Safe Ta Jamie https://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.com/2020/12/interior-design.html
  6. Check out this New tutorial on; How to turn any project into a masterpiece, in minutes...consistently. It's fairly easy to turn an appealing 3d model, scene or design, into a great visual. However, most users won't have the privilege to be involved in appealing/amazing projects all the time. Hence, turning every 3d scene/project into great visuals can be extremely challenging at times. This step-by-step video tutorial takes users through the process of turning any project into a masterpiece, in less than 30 minutes. http://jamiecardoso-mentalray.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/interior-design.html I hope you like it. Ta J
  7. I really need guidance on what computer type & Spec and what programs I should use for a new position. I will be working in a design studio creating visualizations of interior layouts/scenes and of one-off furniture. Working mostly with interior designers and furniture manufacturers. To date I have been working as a residential architect drawing mostly in AutoCAD and only dabbling in the arch viz. I have used Sketch-up for my 3D modelling and a VRay plugin (sometimes using vizualizer) for my renders. The computer I am currently using has struggled while producing renders i.e. freezing and taking a long time. I have being using Windows although I am open to change. System Model HP Notebook Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB Processor Intel® Core™ i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz, 2901 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) I have been asked for my equipment wishlist from my new employer and I am a little lost currently and I need guidance. I plan on continuing to use AutoCAD for my technical drawings and shop drawings of furniture but I am willing to learn new programs for my 3D Modelling and Render. I would be sincerely grateful for a little guidance from those more experienced in the Arch Viz field and Interior Design field. Thanks a million in advance and if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks in advance, Colin
  8. Do you guys own any of the volumes and if so, which ones? Is it a case of if you've seen one you've seen them all? I can only afford 2 or 3 volumes at the moment and I wasn't sure whether to get the latest 3 or get earlier ones if they are better. The reason I want to buy them is to find inspiration when it comes to interior composition and scene decoration/styling. Here's a link to one of them: https://www.amazon.com/Interior-Design-Review-Andrew-Martin/dp/3832732713
  10. Studio/Institution: munovstudio Client: Rafael Genre: Office Interior Software: 3ds max 2009 | Photoshop cs3 | Lightroom 2 Website: http://www.coroflot.com/munov Description: My last project, cnc are welcome
  11. Studio/Institution: IS DESIGN SOLUTION Client: private Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max, vray, photoshop Website: http://isdesignsolution.blogspot.com/ Description: Hi, this is one of my 3d visualization project i did for my client, critiques and comments are most welcome, thank you.
  12. Studio/Institution: munovstudio Client: residence28 Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max 2009 | Photoshop cs3 | Lightroom 2 Website: http://www.coroflot.com/munov Description: hello everyone, this is the first post in 2012 .. This also happened to my job at the beginning of the year, and still learning .. criticisms and suggestions please
  13. Studio/Institution: Design-DI Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds Max, v-ray, photoshop Website: http://https://www.facebook.com/Design.DI Description: [ATTACH=CONFIG]46566[/ATTACH]hello everybody this is my first published works in this forum I hope you like later, I will have some work release here. I have used 3dsmax 2011 for modelling, v-ray for rendering and photoshop. thanks.
  14. Studio/Institution: Tom Gamal, Freelancer Client: protfolio work Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds Max, Mental Ray, P.S. Website: http://www.tomgamal.com Description: i made this for my portfolio after seeing this on the web, i really liked the atmosphere and feel of the original design and wanted to see how close i can get. i also used this project to explore different modeling techniques. all was modeled in 3ds max, rendered with day light system in mental ray, and tweaked in Photoshop. any comments and critics are warmly welcome Modeled and Rendered by Tom Gamal www.tomgamal.com Based on Old Mill Interior Design By Marie Laure Helmkampf, H. Interior Design, with permission. www.ml-hdesign.com
  15. Studio/Institution: notion desk Client: Ashraf Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3D max, V ray Description: Designer :'Shameer Bava Visualizer: Krish Client : Ashraf Place :Thrissur- Kerala
  16. Studio/Institution: Ambrozoom3D Client: Private Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3DsMax/ V-ray/ Photoshop Website: http://www.ambrozoom3d.com Description: Hi guys, long time since my last posts, I`m changing our website and found this image made in the summer of 2009, thought it worth putting it up here. Constructive comments are more then welcomed. Cheers !!!
  17. Studio/Institution: Freelance Genre: Residential Interior Software: Max 2009 64bit, Vray 2, PS5 Description: Hi all, This is my second post. In this scene i try to improve my skill on material and rendering Any C&C are welcome Thanks
  18. Studio/Institution: VIrtuark Studio Client: albero cocinas Genre: Residential Interior Software: 20-20, 3ds max 2009, vray 1.5 sp2, photoshop cs2 Website: http://virtuark.blogspot.com Description: Hi, this is my second post, i hope you like it, comments welcome.
  19. Studio/Institution: Freelance Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3dmax 2009 64 bit, vray 2, PS CS5 Description: Hi all, This is my first post on this forum Any C&C are welcome....... Thanks......
  20. Studio/Institution: St. John Design group Client: Gilbert Displays Genre: Retail Interior Software: Modeled in Sketchup, rendered in 3ds/mental ray Website: http://www.stjohndg.com Description: Completed for the redesign of local jewelery store, a corner of the store was envisioned to get the feel of the final space, before committing to a final layout. The store owner wanted clean, high end, approachable simplicity.
  21. Studio/Institution: LianHe Graphic Design Client: oversea Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: 3dmax, photoshop, vray, CAD etc. Website: http://www.china-render.com Description: it's the building in china, high and no special, a lot of people living in such kind of building.
  22. Studio/Institution: Stuff3D Genre: Residential Interior Software: Maya 2009 and Nuke 6.1 Description: Credits Base image from "150 Best New House Ideas", page 138. Collins Design. Modeling Reinaldo Chacón, Evelyn de León, Daniel Moreno, Eduardo Roa, Yessica De Ascencao y Edgardo Bermúdez Materials and Textures Eduardo Roa, Evelyn de León, Reinaldo Chacón y Edgardo Bermúdez. Ilumination & Render Eduardo Roa. Scene setup Reinaldo Chacón y Eduardo Roa. Render: Mental Ray, Direct Lighting and Final Gather.
  23. Studio/Institution: Abdel-Fattah Genre: Commercial Interior Software: 3ds max design 2011 Description: that's a design of trianon cafe I created it with 3ds max design 2011 hope u like it
  24. Studio/Institution: Heram Design Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3dsmax, vray Description: just finished this work,please leave your comments!
  25. Studio/Institution: Heram Design Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3D max, vray Description: please send your reviewes about this post.thank you!
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