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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I'm having this weird GI light particles (red bracket in the picture) in my rendering, it doesn't have lighting near the object. I've checking on my render elements, it only happen on my VRayGlobalIllumination element. Not happen to VRayLighting nor VRayReflection. not sure issit because of caustic, because I'm not familiar with the caustic settings... can anyone help please?
  2. Hi guys, I'm hoping that you can help me out. I have been trying all sorts of things to improve the lighting in my interior scene but I am getting massive (and I mean massive) noise in my Global Illumination pass. After 24 hours of rendering (progressive), I have a scene that looks like the light cache calculations! My scene is huge (I am doing an entire house & environment, not just a single staged room). I have set up the primary lighting with a Peter Guthrie HDRI (so I know it is great quality), and then a VRay Sun for additional lighting information, linked to the HDRI. I have tried with both sky portals on and off but zero difference. I have turned the windows on and off incase it was a material issue, but nothing. I have ramped up the subdivs in the VRay Dome Light to 128 which has destroyed my render times, but also with no clear advantage. Lighting pass, specular, reflections etc... all nice and clean. Only GI that is a disaster! Not sure what to do or what is wrong. I would really appreciate your help! I'm using Vray 3.60 on 3ds Max 2017. My PC is Windows 10, 2x 3Gb GTX 780 GPU's, Intel i7-8720K 3.6Ghz processor, and 3Gb DDR4-2100 RAM.
  3. How do you remove flicker from over blown highlight? No matter what settings I use, unless I eliminate it completely, the animation flickers every frame, what am I missing? I am using brute force gi with 0.005 noise.
  4. Hello I am rendering exterior scene, and found these splothes on houses. I am using standard vray physical camera with standard parameters. I tried increasing samples in GI irradiance map and light catch, didn't work. I don't know what to do... I included render pictures and my used settings in attachment. Extra notes: Lighting system - Vray sun, Vray sky, 2 domes: 1 reflections, another diff.
  5. Hi, I rendered a sequence for 200 frames. First, I rendered the GI (IRR and LC) separately. Afterwards, I assigned these files for my final render. Eventually, everything went fine, but I saw there was a darker area in the top right of my color pass. (you can see the hard line on the white/red metal frame) If I looked to the IRR map with the IRRviewer, you can also see a darker area in the top right. Does anyone had this problem too? Sincerely, Sam
  6. Dear Members, A group of students at University of Cambridge, Judge Business School, are conducting a short online survey on behalf of Geomerics, an ARM company, regarding the use of Dynamic Global Illumination in the architectural visualisation market. It would be greatly appreciated if you could spare a few minutes to reply to the survey found on the following link. https://jbs.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_bk1McIcFq3NxnP7 Thank you very much for supporting this research!
  7. For an animation where only the camera moves, is it more common to pre-calc the GI or to bake the lighting and then render with all the lights/GI turned off? Are these the two most common methods? And...could anyone explain to me (or direct me to some reading) why you would choose one option over the other? Thanks in advance.
  8. I have encoutered problem when working with vray passes. In some of my scenes appears very sharp black noise in Global Illumination pass that is more or less noticeable in raw render. No matter of the basic render settings (DMC noise treshold, resolution etc.), once it appears, the noise is present every time. Areas affected are usually those with some dark material/texture. scene setup viz printscreen: 3Ds Max 2013 + Vray 2.30.01 Gamma 1,6 or 2,2 No extremly complicated geomery. No some extra special vray materials. No other mental ray, a&d materials (I hope so) Basic lightning: Sun + vraysky + few vray lights No matter if using Vray frame buffer od not. I did try by trial and error various scene setups including using global override material, check/uncheck filter maps, reset of the lightning in scene (delete old, create exact same new), import geometry in blank scene, no reflection/refraction etc... It made sometimes black noise disappear... usually that last only until few renders later or save/load current scene. Never managed to ged rid of it permanently. Could it be some corrupted texture? (using usually RGB *.jpg... sometimes in resolution >12000x12000px (flooring)) Second question is about basic glass material... sometimes in GI pass it appears pure black and sometimes appears as any other solid geomery (blue arrows). Any ideas?
  9. We just released FluidRay RT 0.9.8. You can get it here New features include: Easier import of scenes from the File Menu (File->Import) Many new import formats. The supported formats now include: Alias Wavefront (.obj), SketchUp (*.skp), Rhino OpenNurbs (*.3dm), Collada (*.dae), FBX (*.fbx) , 3DS (*.3ds, *.ase), DirectX (.X), Stanford PLY (*.ply). Note: SketchUp format is supported only in Windows for now. Possibility to start FluidRay RT from command line(fluidraygui -i ) New widget to set the sun direction in the Sun-Sky Environment A lot of interface improvement and bug fixes
  10. We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of FluidRay RT real-time global illumination renderer. This is a huge update. New features: - Spectral Rendering. The rendering is done now on a per wavelength basis, producing much more realistic results. - Node library and Drag&Drop: assigning materials to objects, changing environment lighting, etc. is now done thru a super simple drag&drop interface, all in real-time. Nodes can be added to the library using Drag&Drop as well. - IES lights, Spot lights - Blackbody and arbitrary spectrum illumination - Realistic Metals - Participating media - Video Tutorials to get started - Speed Improvements & Bug Fixes You can try FluidRay RT now at http://www.fluidray.com/downloads You can find a series of FluidRay RT introductory videos at http://www.fluidray.com/help Nicola
  11. Hello, I'm setting up my lights for an interior render. One directional light outside of windows and one area light emitting photons. When I do a test render after setting up my area light, big white hot spots appear on my wall and reflect in the floor. Has anyone experienced this issue before? If so, any suggestions on how to fix the issue? I'm using mental ray, global illumination in maya. [ATTACH]33924[/ATTACH]
  12. Hello, I am rendering an interior scene in Maya using global illumination and final gathering. My final images are being rendered at 1800px x 1200px, 300dpi. When I save my images and open them up in an external photo editing program (photoshop), all my images contain a ton of jpeg artifacts. Does anyone know how to get a clean render without these artifacts appearing in the final images? [ATTACH]33916[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]33917[/ATTACH]
  13. hi, im having a tough time with the settings of this render... i need help! as you can see, i am having trouble with shadows and reflections (from windows and water)... the render is also very slow... i have a dell precision 690 2.33ghz with 4gb of ram withing 8 processors (got a quad core). and sometimes max just crashes! my scene is all vray proxyed, and the trees are xrefed. i need desperate help.... i am already super late on printing, but i need good renderings... please! thanx in advance!!!
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